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  1. kellan6

    stuck at language screen

    yes it works fine with an external keyboard/mouse, but Im limited to using them, so I cant anymore.
  2. kellan6

    stuck at language screen

    no its just my built in keyboard and mouse wont work. at first I thought it was the language screen, but i realized it wasnt
  3. kellan6

    stuck at language screen

    that doesnt work either, it freezes halfway through the BIOS after that.
  4. Im not sure if this my hardware not working or if my computer is freezing but when I get to the language screen it doesn't respond to my touch-finger-mouse (built into the laptop) or my keyboard (also built in) whatsoever. I've look on the forum and havnt found a solution for this, especially when the search doesnt work, can someone help me please?