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  1. DutchCourage

    Photoshop Performance Test (CS or CS2)

    Here are my results: Dell D600, Intel Pentium M 1.7 GHz, 1 GB RAM, OSX 10.4.3, Photoshop CS: 105 sec. PC, AMD Athlon 2600+ (2.08 GHz), 1 GB RAM, XP SP2, Photoshop CS: 158 sec. Guess which computer I'll be using for Photoshop for now. (hint: )
  2. DutchCourage

    I-Hacked Files

    Try Googling for them in conjunction with the word "torrent". Worked for me. Of course you'll need a bit torrent client. Good luck.
  3. DutchCourage

    What would you PAY for a LEGIT copy of MacOSx86?

    I'd be willing to pay up to €300 for the OS to install it on hardware that I pick. I'm pretty sure that hardcore Apple fans will still buy Apple's hardware so they will still be making money out of those people (heck, people are buying iPod's while there are cheaper and better mp3-players out there). People like me who like to pick their own hardware would be additional revenue as far as I can see.
  4. DutchCourage

    Dell D600 & 10.4.3

    Hi, 1. I followed the instructions on I-Hacked.com and apart from the graphics card and wireless it all works like a charm on my D600. I did install it on a clean hard disk which I have to swap when I want to run XP. 2. I upgraded to 10.4.3 directly after installing 10.4.1 so I can't really say.