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  1. As the title states, I am trying to build my own audio device driver. Problem is, I have no fraking clue as to what I am doing! I've put 10.4.11 on my Thinkpad X31 with very wonderful results. I have almost a perfect replica of my old 12" PowerBook save for the Intel 2100 wireless. But I digress... I use an Echo Indigo DJ cardbus audio card for various DJ applications. Of course, runs perfect on my Windows mahcine but need some help getting a driver built for the OS X side of things. I have a folder of Echo generic source code downloaded from their site as well as XCode 2.4.1. I tried to install the old PPC version of the driver which (obviously) didn't work, but put a kext on the machine. Not sure if I need to examine the content of that to find some clues as to how to construct a driver. Basically, I need a lot of help. Since I have no clue about the fundamentals of Xcode I am very, VERY green. I want to think that this driver can be built, I just don't know where to start. Anybody want to take a crack at it or at least steer me towards someone who can give me some tutorials? Thanks community! link to Echo source code: Echo Audio Source Code
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    OSX on IBM X41

    I'm not sure how comparable the specs are on the X41, but I installed the XxX 10.4.11 version on my Thinkpad X31 and have found it to work very well. I've had a few applications crashing which I am not sure to attribute to the install or the actual application itself. Overall the system seems very stable and I've not had to patch anything to get it working. No paperclip trick needed.
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    Installed this release fresh on a Thinkpad X31 versus the JaS 10.4.8. Once I figured out the proper "combination" of kernels and patches, I have a laptop running an almost complete Tiger. Wireless doesn't work, but I've read here that I won't for the stock card. Screensaver crash in 10.4.8 is gone (YAY!) My only complaints are: I did not select verbose mode but the laptop still boots in verbose. Trying to kill it manually in Terminal results in the system telling me nvram is not supported. Any ideas? I cannot figure out how to get rid of the "press any key for boot options" and timer that comes up after every restart/power up. Is this something to do with me selecting MBR when I formatted/partitioned? The fan seems to run a little more often than it did with 10.4.8. I suspect it has something to do with me not selecting Speedstep in the install but I had the same slowdowns that creezalird reported. Being as this is my first attempt at this (after trolling here for a better part of a year) I guess I need to dig a little deeper still? I'd appreciate any help or at least direction toward some remedies, particularly the verbose mode since I like the Apple boot screen. Thanks all for your hard work and amazing steps towards bringing me back to OS X! It has been too long... EDIT: So I dug a little deeper and was able to turn off the verbose booting mode by trashing my original com.apple.Boot.plist and replacing it with one with the -v flag removed. Boots with standard Apple logo. Fan seems to run a lot more but is only moving slightly warm air. On longer but keeping it cooler I suppose. XP only triggered it occasionally but the air moving was way more hot. Not sure how to allow this machine to output to VGA at higher resolutions than the standard 1024X768 it is stuck in. I figure that will be a limitation of the driver I am using (Callisto 008, IIRC). I'd love to hear from other Thinkpad users of their success/failures as I am pretty sure that I have tweaked this machine as far as it will go with Tiger.