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  1. yakuzaa

    How to install Mac OS X 10.4.6 from USB HDD?

    HI John! Are you talking about *bootable* USB volume?? Try to make it with Linux LiveCD and "dd" command by transferring Bootable DVD image to HDD volume dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/dev/hda1 it's only a simple example of a command...)
  2. When I tried to run Logic Express 7.2 it crashes when loading AU Cache! Help!!!
  3. yakuzaa

    ALPS Glidepad beta driver

    How about **FINAL** version with normal packaged installer?
  4. yakuzaa

    Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 2200B/2915

    Can anybody merge compiled .kext with AirPort?? After compiling and kextloading, system simply detects as a new NetworkDevice in SystemPreferences>Network. What should I do next to get AirPort feature?
  5. yakuzaa

    Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Dear Babaev, how about special keys on notebook keyboard, like Fn+"something" ? Do you have any progress with "Volume Up/Dn", "Brightness Up/Dn" keys support?
  6. yakuzaa

    [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    Try to measure Current, NOT Voltage.
  7. yakuzaa

    [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    It's not good idea to connect pins 1-6 and 2-12 with jumpers, you should connect pins via resistors to reduce the current.
  8. yakuzaa

    [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    I have a SONY VAIO VGN-FS640w, and I solved the problem by creating a "hibernating monitor" - two resistors between 1-5 and 2-12. Plug this device to notebook when Installer is loading, the scren must blink two times, and then blue screen appears, at tis moment you should connect external monitor and see installer window on it, you can drag installer to main monitor, or continue installation on external monitor. When you finish installation process, and computer goes to reboot, connect "hibernating monitor" to computer and boot to Mac OS, screen will blink two times and you will see gray screen and hear music, connect external monitor, go to System Preferences>Displays and drag white bar to the notebook screen, then connect "hibernating monitor" and reboot! Enjoy! And don't forget to keep "hibernating monitor" plugged in! P.S. Sorry for my ugly english, i am from Russia!