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  1. Asus 1201n Hibernation/Deep Sleep Working

    I can confirm this works (replacing boot file and replacing modules) Thanks, thanks very much!!!!
  2. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Thanks for reacting, a previous version worked ok for me, however, that was not on 10.6.6 but 10.6.5. The strange thing is, when I boot from a USB stick (same CHameleon version), the machine restores quickly from the sleep image I also tried the 7.21 version (project OSX) from the same trunk, it does not work for hibernate either. So im really interested in user that have restore from sleep image working (in 10.6.6)... Apart from this issue, this machine really rocks and is very stable and smooth, not any hickup or KP.
  3. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Hello, does anyone use the "deep sleep" hibernate mode for his 1201n? (saving memory to disk in stead of standby)? It does not work on my 1201n, when I boot up, i get an error that there is not enoughy memory to restore the image. Im using 10.6.6. I hope anyone can help me out, the 1201n is almost a production machine, Martijn
  4. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Hello, I followed all the instructions to install 10.6.6 and it works great on my 2mb 1201n (chamelon rc5 663) However, one function is not working. I really want to use the deep sleep function (save ram to disk and shutdown). However, when rebooting the netbook, I get an error while booting. "not enough space to restore image" I think its an issue with CHamelon version Does anyone of you using deepsleep with succes? Or anyone using a newer version than 663 on 120n with 10.6.6?
  5. Driver does not work in 10.5.1, it connects but gives no ip-address (kalyway). However, when making network address MANUAL in stead of DHCP, it works.
  6. The Asus P5LD2-VM How-To Guide

    Hello, i have the P5LD2-VM board. I've used OSX86 for more than one year (10.4.5 - 10.4.9). However, my harddisk performance is low, I guess since 10.4.8. Sustainable reads are about 30-40 mb/s (S-ata). Before, the performance was almost 90. People who have P5LD2-VM, what is your xbench harddisk performance? ps. I installed paulicat fixes (SMBIOS/IOATA) but that does not change a thing. btw. the board works very stable with OSX86.
  7. Getting audio to work with P5LD2 Rev2.0

    I can confirm it worked for me (p5ld2-vm 1.0)
  8. GMA900 and GMA950

    Mine works perfectly. Integrated on a asus board (P5LD2-VM). res: 1280x1024x32x60 or 75 hz. QE/etc work. Card uses 256 MB ram it says No mouse tearing or what so ever. My whole system works much much better than my G5 iMac I had before. Only sound input is not working yet. Wireless works (Belkin PCI), Sound works, very fast booting Im so glad!!! I built this machine spec. for the OSX86, dual booting with XP
  9. Ethernet just worked directly Now also my wireless works like a charm: Its a belkin FD7000 (PCI) wireless. My sound also works now (no input, only output) Im am very satisfied!
  10. Your method works for me - great!!! Setup: Asus P5LD2-VM (950 video built in) Celeron D 336 2,8 Ghz 512 MB DDR2 S-ATA Hitachi 160 GB Ethernet onboard: works directly NEC DVD 3550: works perfectly Audio: not working yet, have to get into it USB: working like a charm Speed: very faster: much faster than my IMAC G5 1,8 Troubles: - convert to primary takes very long (40 mins for 50 GB partition), can we do that else? - ACronis bootloader is very slow to boot, any other solutions? THanks!