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  1. go here to see if your video card is supported. http://netkas.org/ But might I ask why your getting such a crappy video card for gaming? Unless you are strictly playing older games you will regret getting that card. Expand your budget and get a 5870 or a 6870 at least (if they are supported). Or look at like a 470 (if its supported). I have been out of the osx game for a while but I know my hardware especially for gaming. I dont even need osx86 now that win7 runs so well but I still would like to have it anyways since its a fun hobby
  2. I have a hp dv5t-1000 cto notebook. core2duo p8400 nvidia 9600m gt (g96) 4gb ddr2 ram The mobo is a quanta 3603 (ich9 board) I have 10.5.5 running well and used this guide with my own touches to getting it to work. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=136309 What I would like to know really is can this run snow leopard and if so what guide should I follow? the one on the wiki for 10.6.5 say its i3/5/7 compatable with some core2. I dont want to ruin my fully working install if it might not work. For example what boot loader and iso should I use. or is it all vanilla with chameleon now? when I did it it was things like iatkos and ideneb with chameleon just getting popular. thanks in advance
  3. ckybam69

    HP dv5t-1000 CTO OSX86 installation guide

    has any1 update to 10.5.7? i am weary cuz 10.5.6 was unstable and annoying.
  4. ckybam69

    HP dv5t-1000 CTO OSX86 installation guide

    look guys if my nvkush.kext doesnt work for you its because your device id for your gfx card is different then mine. all you have to do is navigate to /System/Library/Extensions/Nvkush.kext/info.plist and add your device id next to mine (064910de). you should add your device id under iopciprimary match i believe, get the app plist edit pro if needed, if you have the 9600mgt you should be adding a number such as ####10de where the #### are the 4 digit device id for your card. if you cant boot after installing and you get the waiting for root device its because you didnt check the ichx fix under customize before installing and if you cant boot after installing and it just hangs but doesnt say waiting for root device its because you didnt follow the guide on the first page where it says boot with -s blah blah blah. follow everything on the first page but use my nvkush.kext if the nvdarwin doesnt work. also if my nvkush works but you dont get QE/CI make sure your nvdan50.kext has the correct device ids in info.plist and if none of this works i suggest going into the insanelymac irc chat and ask for help.
  5. ckybam69

    [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    you can repair permissions properly by grabbing a terminal and typing this 'sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions' enter ur password then 'sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions' then 'sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions' enter these without the ' also do this any time u change a kext or touch the extensions folder this might not help much but the 0x103C1505 is your subsystem id. the injector sets this so basically what i am saying is dont trust system profiler. also check your subsystem id and vista and see if it matches this.
  6. ckybam69

    Cmedia 8738

    driver works great for me except my audio doesnt work after sleep. any1 else get this prob?
  7. i got a hp dv5t so it can work. first off search around because all your questions could be answered in the forum. 1. dont need dual layer and burn at slowest speeds. doesnt gurantee the cd will boot but should. 2. partition should prob be at least 15gb i use 40 3. it should auto dual boot 4. ur wireless is doomed. will probably never work with that card so buy a new broadcom/atheros card 5. i would go with iatkos5i or even better xxx10.5.6 6. dont make noobish posts like this. this could have been answered by google.
  8. ckybam69

    USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    i have to remove hpet. on 10.5.5 i used all vanilla usb kexts. 10.5.6 i use vanilla kexts but must remove hpet for it to work. on a ich9 board, core2 p8400 and no dsdt patch
  9. ckybam69

    HP dv5t-1000 CTO OSX86 installation guide

    here is my nvkush that is fully working, QE/CI, dual display, and even mirroring for raiden and others NVkush.kext.zip
  10. ckybam69

    HP dv5t-1000 CTO OSX86 installation guide

    if u have 9600m gt and want vga (dual display) to work and mirroring (rare) i can give u my nvkush kexts that work and support the drive better then nvdarwin does. just pm me if u need the kext. but i know this kext works the attached kexts in raidens guide.
  11. i have a hp dv5t and came with intel 5100. after doing much research i found that with hp laptops/desktops the bios whitelists certain cards, which u already know. u can hack the bios to allow any card but if u have amd the intel wireless wont work with hp. i believe this cuz i have an intel core2 and my atheros card wouldnt work for me so i had to get a broadcom card and i think it is vice versa. maybe u can get it to work but i couldnt. good luck!
  12. ckybam69

    [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    ok so i am using sabres' kext and everything is working mic/audio for my hp dv5t except when i wake the computer from sleep my audio disappears. is there a fix for this? i have tried everything. also is there anything i can manually do to get audio back without having to restart the computer?
  13. i dont have a applehdaplatformdriver.kext but my audio seems to work right. is this possible?
  14. security update wont do any harm i have done it before with no patches. just dont install version update (10.5.6)
  15. there is a thread on here that has kexts for alc861-vd which is alc862 in vista and alc861 in ubuntu. try that.