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    Realtek 8169

    As i previously said I installed Iatkos r2 release and it works fine for me Computer is Dell Inspiron 530 with core 2 duo But i dont have network. Some people say that Leo needs 8169 chipset and then it would work Is there any way if I buy Realtek 8169 NIC that it could work Lots of people report that this card work with Leo out of the box Is any of you guys tried this and make it actually work Thanks Realtek has even driver for this card If you go on Realtek web site and type this card model it will give u driver selection I would just like to know did it actually work for someone
  2. Hi I installed iATKOS r2 and it was easy install after little bit of fdisk utility. I have Dell Inspiron 530 with Core 2 duo processor 3 gb of memory Also have onboard NIC which is from intel I recently installed DFE 538TX network card from D Link . Of course I am not expecting it to work without a driver Does anyone know where I can find driver/ IT says cable not connected eth0 not enabled Is there any way that I can enable this card or it has to be special NIC to work with LEO. I don't mind buying another one as long as it is going to work What about Realtek or Marvel Yukon anyone has an idea
  3. cer113

    Network Set up problems with LEO

    NIC that i have is integrated Intel 10/100/They usualy come with desktop computers.COmputer is DELL INSPIRON 530Inspiron™ Desktop 530Intel® Core™2 Q6600 Quad-Core (8MB L2 cache,2.4GHz,1066FSB) Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition, English 3GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz - 4 DIMMs 320GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache™ 16X DVD+/-RW Drive 19 inch S199WFP Widescreen Digital Flat Panel Monitor with TrueLife* Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3100That also wouldnt be big problemI can always get separate network card like DLINK 538TXIf i install network card properly will i get some options in System preferences-networkNot guru with Leo so thats way i ASK
  4. HI I finally got my Leo working on my DELL inspiron 530 computer. I used Kalyway DVD and there was no problem to install it. Later i used Restore Factory settings and Leo came back to its factory settings without problems Of course I am aware since I dont have drivers some things will not work But when i go to System Preferences and click on network there is nothing showing up. I am guessing because I dont have NETWORK card driver that is the reason I plan to install separate network card in my computer and then see whether it works. My question would be whether i am still supposed to see something in Network set up in System preferences or stuff will shop up after i have network card installed properly I have integrated NIC but no driver for it Hope you guys have some ideas
  5. hi guys I would like to find out if there is solution for my problem I installed Kalyway 10.5.1 Leo on my DELL Inspiron 530 computer and it went well. But after i reboot computer it boots normally but at the end it says : Your keyboard cannot be identified. Then it offers me to select it myself like ANSI (standard keyboard) European ISO keyboard and Japanese. None of this options worked. What my guess is that I am probably missing some drivers or something Computer is Dell Inspiron 530 Intel Core 2 duo 2.2 GHz processor 320 SATA Hard drive 7200 rpm 3GB Dual Channel RAM Hope someone has some answers cause I am just step away from using OS X on my DELL Thanks
  6. cer113

    Dell USB keyboard

    hi guys I successfully installed MAC OS X on my PC which is Dell Inspiron Intel Core 2 duo processor and 320 GB SATA DRIVE 3 GB of RAM Everything went fine until i came to the last point where it says Your Keyboard cannot be identified. I tried all of the options and none of them work. It is DELL USB keyboard as well as is mouse. But mouse work fine and MAC OS X says it cannot see the keyboard Anyone had problems like this and eventually some solution Thanks