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  1. Also, don't know if this can go here but oh well. I have a iMac G4 17inch, 800mhz 768mb RAM, 80GB HD. With a SuperDrive. Tiger 10.4.11 I have tried Leopard Assist to fake my processor speed to 933mhz, however, when I run the DVD-DL image of 10.5 on my iMac, my mac won't read it and it just pops the cd out. I figured my drive might not read a burned dvd-dl so I went and got my external drive that I use for my netbook. This drive reads my DVD-DL, I used the option key to boot up and choose my 10.5 as a boot option on my iMac. Since my iMac has USB 1.1, perhaps that contributes to the error. I boot up using my external dvd and it goes into the Apple Logo with the spinwheel. after several minutes, I get the black box that gives me the error "please hold power button and turn off computer" I don't remember the exact same words. So whats the deal? I tried using my 8gb USB drive as an image but when ever I partition it and restore it via Disk Utilities I get an error about 3/4 of the way something with error 16 or 2. What other options do I have to install Leopard on my G4? The external dvd drive works because I have installed Tiger on another iMac G4. Thanks!
  2. Will My Computer Work with 10.5?

    Could anyone possible help me in this? Thank you
  3. Will My Computer Work with 10.5?

    Well I now used the Zephyroth Version, both 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 Rev 2 and everytime when I boot up I get this "Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132 3076MB memory VESA v3.0 14MB (NVIDIA) Loading Darwin/x86 EFI enhanced bootloader build: ToH Using SMBIOS table found at 0x000f13e0" I have no idea what that means, what am I doing wrong. I burned it with Nero, Roxio, Sonic, imgburn, and PowerISO; using DVD+R and DVD-R. What am I doing wrong.
  4. Will My Computer Work with 10.5?

    It's NVIDIA's nForce 430 chipset Could it be because it's a Quad or because I have a Twin 320GB 7,200 RPM SATA hard drives (640HD)
  5. Will My Computer Work with 10.5?

    Yes I found it, though is there a tut on how to install it? Or is it a installation similar to Linux? Because I see different tuts but is there a "official" one or something similar?
  6. Will My Computer Work with 10.5?

    Will I need to patch it as well? A link to the tut perhaps? Thanks.
  7. Will My Computer Work with 10.5?

    grimlock: No sorry haven't tried it. Is it better than iAtkos or Zephyroths? xx66stangxx: Yes I tried that, and it said "waiting for root device" and left it untouched for about an hr or so and it had about 8rows of "waiting for root device"
  8. Hi I'm new to this forum and really like it here. I have been a Windows User since the beginning, however I want to learn to use OSX. My computer is the following: -HP Media Center M8330F -AMD 64 Quad-Core Phenom 9500 -8500 GT nVida -640 HD SATA (320x2) -3Gb RAM -DVD+RW SATA http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16883107514 It had Vista H. Pre. and dual boot with XP (primary OS) I have tried iAtkos to try boot into Leopard. But when I do I only see the Apple Logo and the loading sign, after about a Minutes I see a small error sign on the Apple Logo. It's the circle with the slash sign. I even left it like that for 1hr and nothing changed, however the loading still moved. I patched it right, because I followed the tut on OSX86Project. Can someone tell me if my computer works with this , or if I'm using the wrong method? Which one should I use. Thank You in advance if anyone answes