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  1. how can i get this working on 10.11.5?
  2. Been looking around for a while and I can not find the right kexts for this. Just installed 10.6.8 after upgrading from 10.6.4. Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L The wireless card: Linksys WMP54GS Can't get wifi nor ethernet to work. Thanks.
  3. visit my site for download links: www.aymansworld.com Ever since the 10.6.2 update came out from Apple I have been itching to install it on my Hackintosh. There was no issue installing the 10.6.1 update so I assumed that the next version shouldnt give me any trouble...boy was I wrong! Well I finally managed to successfully update my hackintosh and I am happily running Snow Leopard 10.6.2! I dont notice any significant imporvements but I am the type of person that doesnt live by the moto "if it ain't broke, dont fix it". I say, "if you can make it better, DO IT!". So lets get started. All the files you will need can be found here and I will also upload them to my server so they are always available. The files that are downloaded from the site provided are the same as the ones I am linking throughout this tutorial. Steps: 1) BACKUP ALL YOUR DATA!!! Time machine saved my ass so many times and if you are worried about losing your stuff then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE backup your stuff. Honestly I had to restore at least 7 times before I got it to work. Im sure this will work for you, but no guarantees and I dont want to be responsible for losing your daughters 3rd birthday party photos. SO BACKUP! 2) Find out if you have Sleepenabler.kext. This is was what puzzled me. If you seen other tutorial online, they say to delete this sleepenabler.kext and I COULD NOT FIND IT! So I guess that meant that I didnt have one. But I didnt care, I wanted to have this kext. So what did I do? I put one in there! a) Go to /System/Library/Extensions/ & /Extra/Extensions and check if you have sleepenabler.kext, if you do, GREAT! If you dont, install it. i) to install sleepenabler.kext download it here: SleepEnabler ii) fix permissions using kext utility (just open it and it will do the rest). Kext Utility iii) reboot. your hackintosh should reboot normally with no kernel panics I dont even know if step 2 is necessary honestly, but this is what I did and it worked for me, if you feel like you dont need to do it, then dont. Your choice 3) Now go into the root of your harddrive and see if you have a folder called Extra, if you dont, then: a) download it here: Extra fix permissions with kext utility c) reboot 4) Inside your /Extra folder there should be another folder called Extensions. You are now on the hunt for a kext called dsmos.kext. Make sure that it is not in the extensions folder nor in the root of the Extra folder. If you find it, TEMRINATE IT!!! (delete it) 5) Replace NullCPUPM.kext with this one: NullCPUPowerManagement a) place it in your Extra/Extensions folder 6) Put FakeSMC.kext in BOTH the root of Extra & Extra/Extensions: fakesmc 7) Run the update (NOT FROM SOFTWARE UPDATE!!!) a) download it here i) here if your on 10.6.0 ii) here if your on 10.6.1 DO NOT RESTART AFTER THE UPDATE!DO NOT RESTART AFTER THE UPDATE!DO NOT RESTART AFTER THE UPDATE!DO NOT RESTART AFTER THE UPDATE!DO NOT RESTART AFTER THE UPDATE! (get the point?) 8) Go into /Extra/Extensions and replace Sleepenabler.kext with this one: a) Sleepenabler.kext for 10.6.2: SleepEnabler AFTER YOU DID EVERYTHING, RESTART AND START PRAYING! You are now on 10.6.2! Good job guys! If you need help, leave a comment or ask on twitter: @Ayman07
  4. my problem is that i dont have an old sleepenable.kext. its no where to be found. so i can run the installer then put the sleep kext in /Extra/Extension then fix permissions using kext utility and reboot?
  5. seriously anyone?! i need to get this fixed. thanks
  6. This didnt work for me. what i did is installed SN on another partition and went into my primary partition (the one with the broken SN) and deleted dsmos.kext and added fakesmc.kext and then i booted from the install disc to get to the disk utility and i did a repair disc on the primary partition and rebooted and still got the kernel panic. what gives?
  7. so i know many people are complaining about kernel panics after the update. usually its because they didnt follow the necessary steps to successfully update. well i followed this method: http://stellarola.tumblr.com/post/23846198...-update-ud3p-v3 and it didnt do it for me. still getting a kernel panic. i thought it didnt successfully remove the sleepenabler.kext. well i had to reinstall SN on a new partition and tried to go back into my primary partition to remove the sleepenabler.kext and its no where to be found. whats the deal now? any luck getting past this?
  8. i was on 10.6.1. i also used 2 different drivers on two separate occasions. one was with nvinject, and i forget the other. i cant seem to find the right drivers or combination of drivers. i hate this card. i initially bought it because it was working fantastically with 10.5.x but now its just giving me a freaking headache. im tried several drivers, but only two of them caused this crash.
  9. Exactly as the post above. Is there a fix. Damn u nvinject.kext!
  10. hey guys. i have a nvidia 8600gt 256mb and i was having problems get it to work with my system. i installed a driver, through an installer, forgot the name, and rebooted. after rebooting i got stuck at the spinning cursor with apple logo. so i did -v -x -s and got to safemode. when i enter my pw it looks as if its gonna log in then kicks me right out. i cant get past this. i no longer need to use safemood to boot the system but regardless of the fact that its safemode or normal boot, i still cant log in. any solutions? i had a backup copy of my com.apple.boot.plist, which i was messing with, and used terminal, booting to the installation dvd, and copying it over to my Extra folder in my SL partition and restarted and it still does the same exact thing.
  11. okay so i am in a weird position. not only do i need a working bootloader, but i need a modified boot file. ok so i have a apple bluetooth mouse and keyboard which obviously dont work in the bios or when the hackintosh is booting up. therefore, i need to steal my sisters USB keyboard just so I am able to boot. the way i got this thing to boot is by running the bootloader off the USB thumb drive. i used lifehacker.com's tutorial to install 10.6 off a USB but im stuck needing to boot from the USB first, then select my hackintosh hd. u can see the problem in this, if bluetooth wont work in startup, how do i select the appropriate drive to boot from? anyway, my first mission was to successfully boot the OS without using a thumb drive. i install the new chameleon 2r3 and i follow all the instructions but i just get a spinning cursor with the apple logo. so that obviously didnt work. secondly, how do i modify the boot file to bypass the selection of the drive and automatically boot my hackintosh hd drive? any help would be great! thanks!
  12. LinkSys WMP54G v2 (UPDATE)

    i dont get how this works. i mean, where do i put in my SSID password? i already added it to keychain but it doesnt work. can you elaborate or make a how to with step by step directions. thanks!
  13. Okay well when i tried to play a blu ray on my macbook pro i noticed pixelation, freezing, skipping while watching the movie. I thought my system wasnt powerful enough. So I built a new hackintosh recently (see sign for info) and I think its a pretty powerful system but I still get this choppiness, pixelation and freezing. The movie I am playing is .MKV file and it is a 15gb file tho, this happens with a 9gb rips too. These are 1080p rips. I connected my computer to my 42" LCD, full HD TV and it still happens. I connect my computer to the tv via a a DVI to HDMI cable. whats going on. I mean I HAVE A QUAD CORE AND 8GB RAM!!! and i cant handle a big file? thats BS. what can I do?
  14. lately when time machine is performing its backup my apps are freezing and the computer overall is slow. i used Yasu to clean it and i even bought an extra 4gb of ram, thats 8 GIGS! and its still slow. when time machine is not backing up, its working fine. i dunno what the issue is. it started a couple weeks ago. anyone else having this issue?