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    Mac Mini or Whitebox Mac

    attachment is same as above... useless and no pics lol
  2. powrslave

    Intel Wireless driver

    I'm getting not compatible with its superclass error in IO80211Controller superclass changed
  3. i'm sorry that you own a sse2 cpu
  4. not sure if this was covered or not but this isn't seeing dynamic disks... dunno if the intel side supports dynamic...clue me in... many thanks to all involved
  5. It's good to see someone that has only 3 posts not whining and also posting alt solutions for issues. gj
  6. powrslave

    10.4.8 ACPI APCI Issue on Tecra M7

    isn't there something about diabling in bios
  7. powrslave

    How to install OSX86 ? (steps)

  8. powrslave

    Mac Pro & 8800 GTX

  9. powrslave

    10.4.8 upgrade problem

    install fresh 4.8 thank you drive through
  10. powrslave

    Intel Wireless driver

    I can't create a network. It just flashes.
  11. That doesn't matter....I used all the files from NET's zip for my 8.8.1 p.s. you may need to hexedit the binary as stated in #1 post
  12. no but i'm wondering if the original memory range window would have simply worked without me editing... anyway it's identified properly with no errors and id's cards but i haven't tested it so please test if you can and post here.
  13. powrslave

    Graphics / Audio / Networking

    from the wiki...K8T Neo-FSR/ FIS2R MSI VIA K8T800 Bios AMI 7.1, AMD Sempron 3400+, Socket 754, Realtek 8110C ethernet works, audio Ac97 ALC655 works, USB works, SATA works, Nvidia XFX 5500 Titan + original kext Yes, AMD ISO SS3 10.4.8, kernel 8.8.1, original 10.4.8 kexts, Titan patched too? Go>connect to server smb:// well i hope your are repairing perms and del kextcache and you should focus on your chipset and you trying random audio ports as a test scares me... Just check your sound prefs and if your vol is lit and works then sound is working here?
  14. My FR works fine but I'm missing a prefs icon... Is this something to care about? Does it provide settings? How can I fix this!? Thanks!
  15. Here is 8.8.1 T43 Thinkpad kext I haven't been able to use any cards though. (no prism drivers for my lucent gold wifi) Took NET's 8.8.1 PCCARD N3T and added my memory and I/O info... I didn't have to edit the binary... 0000:0b:00.0 CardBus bridge: Ricoh Co Ltd RL5c476 II (rev 8d) Subsystem: IBM: Unknown device 056c Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 168, IRQ 11 Memory at b4000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) Bus: primary=0b, secondary=0c, subordinate=0e, sec-latency=176 Memory window 0: 40000000-403ff000 (prefetchable) Memory window 1: 40400000-407ff000 I/O window 0: 00005000-000050ff I/O window 1: 00005400-000054ff 16-bit legacy interface ports at 0001 Thanks to everyone involved Ricoh_t43_IOPCCardFamily.zip