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    Vista SP1 x64 EFI booting?

    I don't think a single comment was made about bootcamp and the BIOS layer, thats pretty basic knowledge. Vista x64 SP1 did add EFI support, it EFI 2.0. My question was regarding if the newer iMac's actually use EFI 2.0 as I'm pretty sure the Mac Pro does.
  2. Plazmic

    Mac Book Pro for Programming

    The best ram I've found is the Geil 4GB kit that actually has heat spreaders on the ram. HDD replacements are not supported by your warranty, but as long as you don't break any internals or make it evident you were inside, you can replace the drive without voiding your warranty. No, the Leopard disk only has 32 bit apps. You'll have to find (at a very minimum) the 64 bit Apple software, like eject / startup disk, through other channels. The drivers are easy enough to find online anyways, and Vista supports most of the hardware out of the box.
  3. Plazmic

    Vista SP1 x64 EFI booting?

    I was under the influence the newest macs are using a 64 bit implementation via UEFI 2.0 I can't find where I first saw that, but I believe that was the reason the 8800GT's wouldn't work stock with the older mac pros.
  4. Plazmic

    Vista SP1 x64 EFI booting?

    Vista SP1 DVD's do have a BOOTX64.EFI entry (or something along those lines). I have even created custom DVD's pointing the EFI El Torito to each of the different 64-bit efi files on the disc to no avail (so many DVD-R's in the trash ;P ). I'm running a newer 24" iMac with the ATI 2600 HD and AFAIK that is based of UEFI 2.0. I am aware that older macs are on EFI 1.1 and the new Vista implementation does not work. I suppose nothing is really lost by using the BIOS compatibility layer if that what it must come down to. But I'm committed to figuring out (if possible) how to get Vista booting via EFI natively... it is, after all, one of their larger touted features of SP1!
  5. Plazmic

    Vista SP1 x64 EFI booting?

    I've been trying to get Vista SP1 to natively boot EFI, and I've made some progress. The original ISO downloaded from MSDN is buggered with my iMac. If I boot from the BIOS El Torito entry, I get a prompt to select a CD-ROM device and the keyboard is unresponsive. If I try to boot the EFI entry, the system just hangs. After a little bit of research I recreated the Vista DVD, and was able to get it booting. But I still cannot get windows to install onto a GPT disk. Best resource I've found thus far: http://jowie.com/post/2008/02/Select-CD-RO...m-iso-file.aspx