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  1. VoodooHDA with fix for random KP

    ... aaand back from the dead, 8 months later.. I've been busy recording so i decided not to experiment with the drivers.. Thanks Zenith for your work - I now tried 2.7.6d2, 2.8.1 and 2.8.2d6, and they all seem to get rid of the KP, but unfortunately they also get rid of my onboard sound card... I'm using an HDTV for my screen and it's connected via HDMI.. Using the updated kexts only allow me to select those digital out, but no HD audio with line in/outs - which is what i need. Mixing through an old LG 37LD450's speakers is far from optimal ;] I rolled back to my random KP inducing kext, which i can live with since once started it's running fine. Thanks a lot anyway, and glad I could help a little!
  2. VoodooHDA with fix for random KP

    thanks a lot zenith, I will try your updated version a bit later and post back the results. cheers
  3. VoodooHDA with fix for random KP

    Sorry about the restart box, takes less than a second to appear and block the text. Will try right now. Edit: Tried with -f, and it crashed right away. Didn't change anything after, and it doesn't seem to generate a panic log either, i made sure to delete all logs before rebooting, and i find nothing in /Library/Logs/... /Users/.../Library/Logs/... There are files that were generated in /Private/var/log but nothing that seems to concern the KP. I tried to snap a picture in the half a second where the message is visible, which resulted in the blurry image attached to this post. Tell me if you can make out the important bits, otherwise I can try to take a better one, but it's a pain in the a** to try that way. Btw, it just occurred to me - does -v force the console output to be logged on file ?
  4. VoodooHDA with fix for random KP

    nope... 4 KP's in a row, went through on the 5th. At least it doesn't want to tear my speakers anymore when loading and it fixed the clipping sound issues.. Motherboard (old and cheap, i know, but works fine): Asrock Wolfdale1333-D667 R2.0 W/Patched bios HD Audio (Realtek ALC662 Audio Codec)
  5. GT610 on 10.7.2

    Got It! I did the combo update to 10.7.5, then booted with -s to remove S/L/E/NV* and S/L/E/Ge* (I played too much the kexts and probably had conflicting versions anyway) as i was unable to boot into the desktop otherwise. I then downloaded the retail Nvidia drivers for 10.7.5 here: http://www.nvidia.co...f02-driver.html I left the new NVDAGF100hal untouched, didn't seem to contain any device id's anyway. Rebooted and got full resolution and QE/CI. Thanks @rampage for your info, it actually pointed me in the right direction! Hope this helps someone else! Edit: This might also help people with newer versions such as Mountain Lion - I saw a few posts from people having similar issues (unable to get to the desktop after reboot), so my guess is that it might be worth it to try clean S/L/E from the non-working kexts and get the retail nvidia drivers for the specific version of OS X being used.
  6. GT610 on 10.7.2

    no luck. I'm using Lion 10.7.2. And merry Christmas!
  7. GT610 on 10.7.2

    Ok so I've been trying unsuccessfully to get an Nvidia GT610 1GB low-profile to work on my 10.7.2 install for a while now.And Yes, i tried searching all over the forum/google. I tried editing the strings in NVDAGF100Hal.kext, GraphicsEnable=yes, updating to the last chameleon, deleting all NV*/Ge* kexts, tried injectors, reinstalled original kexts from base system pkg, then ###### (even the one for ML) and also tried to make some sense out of rampage's instructions (from this topic ... "copy my device"in ioreg? where??) but to no avail and thats about where i abandoned. I never had to patch a dsdt before, aside from that time where i've ruined my install. So frankly i'd rather avoid having to do it again. I just upgraded from an en210 that worked fine, and system profiler detects my card correctly with the proper amount of ram, but no QE/CL. Any way to get this card working in 10.7.x or am I missing something? [edit, stupid autocorrect]
  8. Modded ALC662 & Sigmatel 9223 with codec verbs

    Yes!! where all else failed, VoodooHDA works - perfectly! --------------- OS X 10.5.4 / Intel Core Duo @ 2.4GHz / 3GB ram / 1.4TB Storage Asrock Wolfdale1333-D667 R2.0 nVidia 8600 GTS
  9. Modded ALC662 & Sigmatel 9223 with codec verbs

    ok. I've read the whole thread, tried if not every kext provided, still to no avail. I have an el-cheapo Asrock wolfdale1333-d6667 r2.0 mobo, and so far the only thing working (out only) is the Azalia kext. But, what i'm interested into getting to work (aside from output, obviously) is line IN.. i dont care about front panels or digital/spdif. Most of the kexts i tried here make system profiler display the proper inputs and 662 id.. yet, even if OS X believes sound is working just fine, it stays silent no matter what output i select, just like many before me stated. Now, what's so different about this board's implementation of the ALC662 ?? Gigabyte owners seems to have the most success, and Asus owners seems to be able to get it to work too.. Did i skip over an important piece of info or something, like.. did any one get sound inputs to work on an Asrock board ? Any info/pointer would be greatly appreciated!
  10. hi, i've been running Leopard (10.5.2, recently 10.5.4) for some time, and it's running so flawlessly that i ditched windoze pretty much for good (ok, i still use it in parallels once in a while..) Now, this is not really a problem but more of an annoyance: I have an onboard GMA 950 wich is supported and works perfectly (QE, max res. etc) when i set it up as the primary adapter via the bios. Now, i also have a pci express nVidia 8600 GTS, wich also works perfectly when i put the priority to pcie... (dual screen, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 on my main screen, QE, etc with nvinject) I can switch to one or the other between reboots, but i am unable to have them both enabled at the same time, like i used to do on windows.. Normally, leaving the priority to the onboard adapter would still allow the nVidia card to be detected by windows. Is it possible to do this under leopard, and if so, how ? I'd really love to use that extra lcd that's picking dust to complete my matrix-style setup here ;] the more real estate, the better.. thanx!
  11. hehe.. well, while it is true that it's not always an easy task to set up a stable hack, and that still i have minor issues (occasional network drop, tho easily fixed - no sound and that it behaves like an old atx that doesnt want to restart/reboot by itself) everything else is working flawlessly, and i think it gives a great opportunity to ppl that want to try the os beforehand, instead of blindly buying a real mac and realize it's not what you need. sure, it's less of an issue now that you can install windows on a mac, but i think it's still an option accessible mostly to power users. Yes, apple makes money with the hardware, not that much with their os, but if you have to choose a system that you are going to use everyday, letting people have oportunity to try before buying is something apple should support - instead of being snob and greedy. to get back on topic, i do still use windows say, whenever i want to watch a movie (but i'd love to use front row instead) and whenever i need to work as i havent found equivalents to the tools i normally use (there's still not very much choice for applications). But OS X is very appealing now that i could toy with it.
  12. Ctreative Live! CT4830

    i just fell on this page; someone that used to be working for creative had worked at some point on a driver for sound blaster Live! cards for OS9, he tried to get a team together (but unfortunately failed) to port it for OS X. An alternative solution to the core audio problem he discusses is below: "The only other idea I had about this was to modify Core Audio or even remove Core Audio all together and write our own audio interface, which would also have a toolbox to interpret the normal Core Audio requests. It would allow the user the ability to completely disable the onboard audio in this fashion, which would not be a loss because the user would never use it anyway. In addition, this would also allow the user to extend the audio capabilities of the system for gaming. At one point I had a group of programmers come in that said they could modify the linux source to work with OS X, and they thought they could get it going within a month or so. I have a limited programming background, and I was teaching myself to program in C by reading the source code from both Apple and the Linux source code. The prospect of someone completing the project was appealing. As we all saw, this fell through, and I never got a straight answer from them before they disappeared completely." He has source code and documentation available on his website.. I can code, but i dont think i'd be up for the task - but maybe one of the gurus here could see an interesting challenge - that could make a lot of hackintosh fans happy ;D here's the link: http://homepage.mac.com/creativemail/MacKx/
  13. i've always been a windows guy - i admit, i even used to bash other ose's (osx included). I'm a programmer/web designer and musician, i spend countless hours in front of of the computer everyday -- and seriously, with time, i got very tired of windows just growing bigger and bigger, without actually improving - they keep building their system on a codebase that's over 12 years old, you have to run two antivirus on top of eachother, anti-spyware, and, as a coder, it takes about 3 weeks and my sytem crawls - start any ide and/or photoshop, a browser, and ugh! Productivity literally goes out the Windows™. Honestly, HACKED versions of OSX boot and overall run FASTER than WINDOWS on it's OWN platform ! Dont get me wrong, windows used to be an excellent operating system to get what you wanted done. But now, i really can't cope with it's bad sides -- try any microsoft Live product, and you know that their defenition of "Live" isn't live as in "real time". I experimented with OSX86 since 10.4.1 mostly because i was looking for an alternative, and always were curious about apple's system. Now i can say that i've found my next platform, as i'm getting a iMac as my next computer. I still use windows for work, but i'm gradually moving to os x, and even tho i thought i'd never say this, the hell with windows. IMO, Bill did a great job for the time he was there, but now it just feels like Window's time as the leading os is up. edit ----------- only thing that throws me off are the damn keyboard shortcuts..
  14. Black screen w/GeForce Fx 5200

    @Palos: ugh. everyone seems to get it working - but i'm starting to wonder if the 128 mb is really supported. @tawakol: no, it doesnt take long, right after the gray apple loading screen, there's the blue screen for about 2 seconds and when it normally would fade to the desktop image it fades to black instead - so it isnt a power saving issue. the system boots quite fast - faster than a windows install. but it boots to a black screen and a mouse. so, i actually got fed up, flushed the whole thing, now trying to reinstall with iATKOS's provided nvidia pakages, wich i probably made the mistake before to check all VRAM sizes. i'll see what comes up with that, if not i'll give 10.5.2 a try.. *sigh* my internet bill will kill me. [edit] ------------------- HAH! Got it!.. Right there, after the multilingual welcome animation, the account setup window flipped in 3d and with the background slowly fading to blue ;D ...So, I'm now at full 1600x1050 resolution with QE effects.. (wich looks awesome, way better than vista imo) So, i guess that when istalling, one has to be careful to notice that little expanding arrow, in the customized installation options, on the side of the NVInject check box.. and only select the appropriate nvram size under that.. ;] i dont know if this is really the cause, but important thing is that it worked. Now i just have to try to find a compatible sound card in my drawers.. Hear that Sound blaster audigy isnt supported. :\ thanx anyway guys!
  15. Hi there, First, i dunno if this has been answered here before or not, but the search seems to be broken. Anyways, i have this sony vaio PCV-rz54g: (asus p4v board, intel chipset, SSE2 P4 intel processor @ 3.2 ghz, and a GeForce Fx 5200 128mb). I managed to install iATKos's 10.5.1, and all is working fine, except of course the graphics. After trying every possible GeForce injector (titan, nvinject, zephiroth's installer and a few others), i still get the same result: where the desktop should appear, the screen fades to black, leaving only the mouse cursor. Looking at the disk activity, i figure that the system is still loading, but no interface shows up. At this point the only option is to hard reset. when booting in safe mode, i can get full resolution. System profiler reports my card correctly (with every package tried), except for the qe part: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200: Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Type: Display Bus: AGP VRAM (Total): 768 MB <-- this should be 128, just tried zephiroth's 10.5.2 installer. tho even when reported properly i get the same result Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x0322 Revision ID: 0x00a1 ROM Revision: NVinject 0.2.0 Displays: L206W: Resolution: 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Software Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Not Supported Display Connector: Status: No display connected Now, my question is: Is the GeForce 5200 supported at all? Titan and nvinject state that it is, and everyone but a few seems to be able to get it working - even after searching high and low, trying every option, manually editing kexts with the proper device id, i always get the black screen. maybe i missed something somewhere, but it's been two weeks i try to get it working and i'm starting to be slightly discouraged ;p anyone knows of a fix for this ? thx! ============== Edit: my mistake, would this topic be better suited for the hardware discussion, and if so to have someone move it there ? :censored2: