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  1. R.I.P Prawker

    This is a very sad time, rest in peace Prawker, you will be sorely missed.
  2. iPhone SDK seems to ruin OSX86 install

    It says explicitly that CHUD tools requires 10.5.4, so maybe that's your problem?
  3. What is the DFE Bootloader? where can i find it? how will it help me from dual booting on 1 HD? Thanks
  4. well it is fat32 right now but when im actually installing windows xp, i'll do it as ntfs. that sound about right? thanks a lot for the help sir!
  5. sorry to stray here a little bit, but cyberbuddhah, if i have osx on a guid osx installed and then a fat32 partition courtesy of disk utility - can i go ahead and install xp and just drop the boot.efi in c:\ and add the boot.ini line to make it work?
  6. i'm in the exact same boat as you dewdman, i have leopard installed by itself in GUID partition (so i can resize) and am trying to install XP on the single hard drive i have ( it`s a notebook.. ). From what I understand however (someone correct me if im wrong!) cyberbuddah's method works with a single drive too, though i haven't the guts to try it (just yet) because im still trying to make sure 100% it will work.
  7. Leo4Allv3

    hey eddie11c, i was wondering if you knew where the boot0 file went to in /usr/standalone/i386/ ? In that folder i only have boot.efi and Firmware.scap . However i am trying to make my GUID leo4allv3 install dual boot with windows xp (xp not installed yet) and i read that after installing osx86 then xp, i need to refer to "If in Windows, just use TransMac or MacDrive to find the file. If you’re using a Mac, click on Go to in the Menubar, then click on Go to directory/folder. Type /usr/standalone/i386 - You’re now in the location of the OSx86-Bootfiles. Go to guid and copy the boot0 file to your Windows-Root (in most cases C:\)." (taken from here) thanks in advance
  8. Jas Leopard ?

    That is just the 10.5.3 update, not a complete installation disk
  9. hp dv6000t laptop

    kevd_hackin thanks so much for the patched bios. seamless bios flash and now my bcm4311 works PERFECT!!! Thanks again! os x install is 100% now!
  10. Modify Photo Booth to use suyin Webcam (HP)?

    Hello 00Diabolic, I deleted VDC on my hp dv6653cl and it did not allow Photo Booth to work. I too have a SuYin camera which is supported 100% in ichat but when i install (kalyway.. iatkos, and presently leo4allv3, never allowed me to take picture during the final steps of installation) I appreciate your help, and hopefully we can find a way to make photobooth and webcams supported 100% here is detail of my camera in About This Mac: Version: 1.00 Bus Power (mA): 500 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: SuYin Product ID: 0xa110 Serial Number: CN0314-MI01-VH-R03.01.01 Vendor ID: 0x064e
  11. Leo4Allv3

    this release rocks.. shutdown / restart works for me perfect! no problems or headaches in install process went as smooth as butter. many thanks to you eddie for putting your hard work into this.. greetz
  12. iATKOS v2.0i

    downloaded iatkos v2.0i from demonoid and it does not work. i get KP after beginning to install after about 10 sec. burned at 3x. edit: like others, my md5 doesn't match either.
  13. iATKOS v2.0i

    likewise downloading! very very excited.
  14. I originally applied the macbook applesmbios and it did not change anything. Applied the macbook+ram applesmbios and got KP on -x, rebooted and went back to macbook applesmbios. The Macbook applesmbios worked great! Model identifier and model name are both set correctly now. Thanks a lot mac.nub!
  15. HP Pavilion dv6530ep Kalyway install guide (dual boot)

    that still does not work for me.. im not sure why. i did both the change in the kext and the no change in the kext yields same results, no option to change..