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  1. 只有dsdt,你的ssdt呢?
  2. My PCIE-Card reader is RTS5209, it doesn't work with your kext. This is the log. 17/3/26 下午11:14:14.000 kernel[0]: inetek-rtsx - library kext com.apple.kpi.bsd not compatible with requested version 16.4. 17/3/26 下午11:14:14.000 kernel[0]: Can't load kext com.sinet3k.Sinetek-rtsx - failed to resolve library dependencies. 17/3/26 下午11:14:14.000 kernel[0]: Kext com.sinet3k.Sinetek-rtsx failed to load (0xdc00800e). 17/3/26 下午11:14:14.000 kernel[0]: Failed to load kext com.sinet3k.Sinetek-rtsx (error 0xdc00800e). 17/3/26 下午11:14:14.000 kernel[0]: Couldn't alloc class "rtsx_softc" 17/3/26 下午11:14:15.420 com.apple.kextd[46]: Kext id com.sinet3k.Sinetek-rtsx not found; removing personalities from kernel.