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  1. Is the Great Windows Debate Over?

    I wonder why Vista didn't boot as it's supposed to support EFI. I know it's still in beta, but i think EFI is currently supported in the most recent one. I'm sure we'll see a Vista Beta running on a Mac soon, and i'm sure Microsoft or Apple would be happy to give people support to get it going as there it's in both their best interests. p.s. EFI is a replacement for the now 20 year old BIOS, has a couple of new features (Google?).
  2. 8F1111 with Pentium M 735

    I can run it fine on my Banias with broken PAE, i used the latest version of the Maxxuss patch which had been compiled into a nice package by someone on this site, Jes i think? However, my keyboard and touchpad don't work
  3. I'm running 8f1111 on my Sony VGN-B1XP laptop, and both my keyboard and trackpad are not working, but they used to be in 10.4.1. Just to save people time answering please read the following carefully: 1. I have tried every ApplePS2Controller.kext avaliable in every single forum on this site and others. 2. I have removed the kext to no avail. 3. I have removed the IOUSB kext (no can't do anything and have to reinstall) 4. I do NOT have any options in the BIOS to do anything with PS2, USB or keyboard and trackpad. Please can someone give me a hand, this is insane, there must be a way as the keyboard works to select options in the bootloader!!! Thanks
  4. And how could i fix that??
  5. I've got 10.4.1 with the 10.4.3 update running, everything is working perfectly except for audio and here is the problem: I have a Soundmax Digital Audio ICH4 card, the device ID is as standard in the Plist file, and the kext is being loaded. I'm able to change volumes but can't hear anything until i plug in some headphones, at which point sound is audible but incredibly quiet. Any help appreciated Thanks
  6. Strange Problems with new install

    I've now tried everything, turns out i have an ICH4 card with Vendor=8086, Device=24C5. This info is already in the standard kext and so should load without problems, i have no idea what's going on anymore. Thanks Ok, now i'm really confused... I just plugged some headphones in, and i have sound, but it's whisper quiet even with all the volume controls turned right up. Any ideas?? Again i have an intel i855GM chipset with Soundmax Digital Audio ICH 4. Using an unmodified Audio kext Thanks
  7. I'm having some audio problems and can't find any answers in the forums... I've set the kext up as detailed in the Wiki, refreshed the cache, rebooted many times and tried to load the kext manually. If i go to System Preferences -- Audio, i can see an AC97 device, and can also change the volume. However, i can't hear anything. No sound effects, music or little clicks. I have Soundmax Digital Audio AC97. If anyone has any ideas then please let me know.. Thanks
  8. OSX install help please

    Edit: Removed content for violating DMCA (by Metrogirl 17th Feb 06)
  9. Please please please help - b0 error

    Thanks for the reply, but if the partition manager in Unbuntu didn't recognise the hard disk, then i don't think i'm gonna have any luck with Partition Magic. I'm currently trying the Hiren Boot CD but am running into errors with that too. Looks like i may have to give up on recovering windows. Cheers
  10. OSX install help please

    Yep, good luck.
  11. OSX install help please

    If you want 8F1111 then you'll need to do a fresh install from the install DVD, it should run ok on your SSE3 CPU although you may need patches for NX. If you don't know what you're CPU has then download Everest and take a look.
  12. Please please please help - b0 error

    Dos Fdisk shows me nothing, it says there is no partition information. I've just booted up into Ubuntu live to see what i can see, and no luck! I loaded up GParted and it reports my entire partition as Unallocated! I don't see how my partition table could have been screwed by just dd'ing an image to a partition!? Anyway, if anyone now has any advice on how i could possibly repair my partition table, or any other way to get my windows installation working again, i would be happy to hear it. Thanks
  13. I've installed the deadmoo image on a Sony laptop as i have done before many times on my other laptop, and upon booting i got a "HFS+ Partition error", so i booted the darwin cd and used fdisk to rewrite the MBR, now i'm getting a b0 error upon booting. I've put in a dos boot cd and used fdisk, but it can't see any of my partitions? I've also tried to use fdisk in darwin to fix the problem, but don't know what to do. Please could someone help, this is my main computer and although i backed up my data, all my installed programmes have been lost!!!! Any help appreciated Thanks
  14. Installing 10.4.1

    Thanks for the reply, i decided to start clean so i wiped everything and installed windows fresh. I now have grub loading from the MBR so no chain0 problems anymore. I have also just tried to follow the guide posted above.... However, i have new and potentially unsolvable problems...... I'm at the stage where i need to install Darwin onto the larger partition, i've downloaded the iso from Opendarwin.org and burnt it inside OSX, upon rebooting from the newely burnt CD i get an error: can't find /com.apple.boot.plist It then drops into the Darwin bootloader, which only gives me the single option of booting from some "Ethernet PXE" device, which obviously doesn't work. Also, entering any switch just sends me back to the Darwin bootloader menu? Am i ever going to get this working?? Any responses much appreciated, thanks again.
  15. Installing 10.4.1

    I can't get as far as pressing F8 as the chain0 error pops up. However, i'm currently trying to get WinGrub to work and am literally on the verge of shooting myslef. If anyone can help with grub, please, please, please.... Thanks