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    Intel Atom x5 z8300 BIOS Issues

    Okay, cool thanks for your input. I did see a kernel for 10.9 but if I can't even get to boot there's no reason to continue. Maybe in another five years I'll find a computer with specific parts for Mac OS
  2. STstuff

    Intel Atom x5 z8300 BIOS Issues

    I tried clover bootloader with some of the basic kexts which were recomended on a walkthrough. Also tried two different iATKOS. Also I didn't know the graphics would be a problem :/ I tried booting my usb on my AMD PC which the menu area loaded properly so its not my USB
  3. STstuff

    Intel Atom x5 z8300 BIOS Issues

    Hi there, I'm trying to run Mac OSX on a Intel Atom x5 z8300, problem is Aptio 2.17 BIOS doesn't read Mac OS X USB boot drives. I'm trying to find a solution to install OS X on my laptop through USB. This BIOS has absolutely no options for booting EFI and AHCI nor can I find a compatible BIOS update from American Megatrends. I was thinking maybe a newer update would have more options so I would be able to boot a OSX image USB. Anyways is there any work arounds for this? Or is it not worth my time?