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  1. Similar story to everyone else, upgraded to the 10.6.5 and seemed to only have the problem with sound. Reapplied the sound script and all working. I've tested sleep and appears to be working all correctly, however I have noticed I've had a few "Your computer needs to restart" screens when trying to shutdown the computer. Seems to be pretty random but need to do a few tests to see if it's the sleep that's causing the error etc. Overall, seems to be running stable, not noticed any other issues (so far).
  2. 10.6.2 is out...

    Installed the 10.6.2 update on my P6T Deluxe 2 last night using the Software Update tool. Download was about 145mb and installed all fine. I'm running using a GTX 285 using EFI strings and all appeared to work fine. No apparent issues, but did notice a drop in frame rate within WorldofWarcraft. Thankfully, I'll taken a full drive backup of 10.6.1 so will test this compared to 10.6.2 tonight. Apart from that all seems to be fine. Installed/booted and seems to be running quite stable. Hope it helps someone.
  3. Actually been having exactly the same issue. Have Snow Leopard installed using an existing Leopard install and installed onto a new drive. Used the Extras etc from this forum and Chameleon RC3. Used "The King's" SATA fix and it has kinda fixed the sata issue, although still doesn't seem 100% like 10.5.7 was previously. Went to test a DVD at the weekend and couldn't get the thing to run any of store bought DVD's. As you'd mentioned Spiteful Monkey, it appears to crash the system eventually. Think it maybe time to head back to Leopard for me, I miss the stability of it. Have also had 2 complete crashes of the system. Left the system on, came back half an hour later to find the system still on, froze screen and enough heat to boil an egg. So, think I'll be reaching for my Leopard backup image, until Snow Leopard becomes a bit less buggy
  4. Hi Dojomann, Been following your other post on the Snow Leopard section with your experiences. Congrats on getting the thing to work, but as you say a lot of work required. Fingers crossed next version of Chameleon doesn't take too long Thanks again for your info posted on the boards, very handy for us P6T owners club <Thumbs Up>
  5. Asus P6T Deluxe v2 10.5.8?

    I wouldn't worry too much, I installed for a 10.5.0 Retail disk then upgraded using the combo upgrades to 10.5.6 and then 10.5.7. All working very well, in fact 10.5.7 seems to be a fully working mac with auto sleep etc. Haven't had any issues with it at all, apart from when I tried to upgrade to 10.5.8. If you follow through the guide using your Retail disc and then combo upgrade it should be fine. Always better if you install onto a seperate harddrive, makes things a lot easier, but the guide points the right direction. Good luck.
  6. Many thanks SmeGoid, followed your guide along with the YouTube video's and MJ's instructions. Have a fully updated 10.5.7 vanilla OSX install on my Asus P6T V2. Working a treat with all functions working including sleep, sound, lan etc. Only thing I have to fix is my GTX 285 showing up with only 640mb of ram, but will soon get that sorted. However had a few issues when trying to upgrade to 10.5.8. Installed smoothly and fixed the Lan (as per the norm) etc. Sleep however is a different matter, when I put the system to sleep it didn't go into deep sleep, fans and lights remained on. When trying to recover the system it wouldn't even boot even safe mode. Tried various methods suggested in other posts, e.g booting in -s mode and using the filesystem repair but ended up having to reinstall. Thank god I'd taken a back up image of the system as it was at 10.5.7. I know there are a few patches to fix the sleep issue posted on Insanelymac to be honest haven't tried them (yet) but was frustrated I couldn't recover the system from a simple enough sleep state. Anyhow, just something to keep in mind if anyone is installing/upgrading to 10.5.8. Good luck guys and thanks again for the guide. !! P.s. The guide has also helped another P6T user who wanted to install OSX so thanks from the both of us.
  7. Asus P6T Deluxe v2 10.5.8?

    If you follow the guide @ http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1200312 It will guide you through. Boot-132 with Retail disk will get you up and working with few problems. It's the one I've followed on my P6T deluxe V2. Works like a dream, apart from the update to patch 10.5.8. It kills sleep (fix available) and patch your Lan as with any of the patches. Anyhow follow the guide and best of luck.
  8. Audigy 2 (Platinum) Uninstalled 1.1b0 Rebooted Installed 1.1b1 All working great, 5.1 appears to be working ok without issues (at the minute). Will keep testing. Thanks again Eugene.
  9. Thanks Eugene, Installed Beta driver on my Asus P5b Deluxe Hackintosh with Audigy 2 Sound Card and working perfectly. Haven't played about with any of the setting etc yet but held off until the Beta drivers where released and the 10min bug had gone. Thanks for your support and look forward to your future releases.