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  1. I'm very much leaning towards the Vivo Tab. I suspect the latest version of OSX that'll work is actually 10.6. I vaguely recall reading something about newer versions not running on Atom CPUs. I hope I'm mistaken. Even still, running 10.6 on it would be nifty.
  2. jaymus

    GenericUSBXHCI and DP4

    -- EDIT -- I decided to re-spin this post in to a full-on diary entry on my blog, complete with much more extensive benchmark numbers. ----------- This was the key to getting USB 3.0 working on my 17" MBP. I picked up a Windows ExpressCard to add USB 3.0 but couldn't get it working until this. Running Yosemite hasn't helped my cause, though I quite like it otherwise. Benchmarks Host SSD to USB 2.0 attached external drive: 20MB/s Host SSD to USB 3.0 attached external drive: 36MB/s USB 2.0 attached ext drive as USB attached drive in VMware (copying from AND to the usb drive): 6.48MB/s USB 3.0 attached ext drive as raw disk in VMware (copying from AND to the usb drive): 16MB/s USB 2.0 attached USB Flash Drive: 4.8MB/s USB 3.0 attached USB Flash Drive: 5.6MB/s Testing Methodology I test using the time command while running a copy of decently large files (min 300MB, max 2000MB). All of my tests are writing TO the attached storage mediums. My USB 3.0 hard drive is a little 2.5" USB 3.0 Seagate drive (STBX2000401). I'm running OSX 10.10 Yosemite Beta 2 on my 17" MBP (MacBookPro8,3) My USB Flash Drive is a Patriot Tab USB 3.0 drive (PSF8GTAB3USB) My ExpressCard is a GMYLE USB 3.0 BC628. I think I got it from eBay. It was like $10, probably less. My internal drive is actually stripe-RAIDed Kingston SSDs. So no bottleneck there I think. Other comments I was worried that the PC card would mess up my power management while suspended, but I just had it inserted while the machine was suspended for several hours and it looks like my battery was not noticeably impacted and the card worked both before and after the suspend. Reaction Eff-yeah! I hope I can find a way to get the system to notice the Express Card if inserted after boot. But that's not a USB 3.0 matter. PS - I'm shocked that my USB 3.0 flash drive only performed 16% faster. At least it was still faster, but wtf? Hopefully it's just a {censored} drive, it was inexpensive.
  3. jaymus

    ML into AMD E-350

    I'm wondering precisely the same thing..?
  4. jaymus

    Realtek ALC892 hissing sound -- OS X Lion

    Sure would have been nice to know the solution.. As I too have this problem. I guess thanks for pointing out it's solvable.. ha ha ha.. -- EDITED -- I found a solution that seems to have worked very well for me: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/255249-finaly-got-audio-working-alc892-msi-870a-g54-mainboard/ The jist: 1) Install VoodooHDA 2.7.3 2) Edit the VoodooHDA.kext's plist to change the "iGain" value to "0". I also found this comment, I never tried it: Plug in a 3.5 mm headphone or any type of jack into the back pink microphone header. The fuzz should go away. I'll add that I've been listening to music on my alc892 while writing this, I'm getting very very rare, sparse little crackles/pops. Not sure if it's the audio source content, my headphones or something like an improperly configured buffer in the driver (probably not that, but kind of resembles that).
  5. jaymus

    OSx freezes when mounting DMG file

    Damn, yeah, I've had this problem too. Pretty frustrating. A sticky on it definitely seems prudent.
  6. jaymus

    Atheros AR5006 and 5007 Working.

    Sounds like you're having a nice little temper tantrum over there. Isn't there a minimum age requirement to post on these forums? ha ha ha, I suppose not. I appreciate you're frustrated - this is hard stuff to figure out and I totally feel your pain as I'm a noob with this {censored} too. But freaking out and being overly rude like that doesn't help anyone. BuildSmart was trying to give you the means to solve problems for yourself - if he tried to actually just do the work for you, it'd be a poor use of his time as he wouldn't be able to help as many people! Take care Kizwan - I hope you've had more luck getting this going lately.
  7. jaymus

    Atheros Card not working

    Thank you for your feedback BuildSmart. As you undoubtedly have observed, I am very new to the InsanelyMac forums. My past experiences with similar forums is that people tend to only follow their own threads - hence my posting in multiple threads. I already have admitted that I posted on my issue prematurely and I expect that other members of this forum are mature enough to appreciate my admission. I have attempted to post response messages in my posts asking for help stating my discoveries. If this degree of redundancy annoys major contributors such as yourself, perhaps we could use a more obvious means of marking particular threads as redundant or defunct. Your reply inspired feelings of embarassment and resentment in me. Perhaps this was warranted, to some degree. I'm responding with the assumption that there is a general desire to help less experienced users become valuable contributors to the community. In the future, I will make a distinct effort to post only once I've completely exhausted my feasible options. Please reciprocate positively. Thanks for the feedback. *** Edit *** Also, for what it's worth. I switched my wireless security from WPA2 to WPA1 and it didn't help (when using the wireless tool on the Menu bar) - I can't change my wireless security that much as I've got several other people who use it and small changes make them noisey. I am kind of curious why the Atheros driver reportedly for the 5008 card works with my AR5BMB5 - but obviously, I don't know too much about Atheros cards. Thanks
  8. jaymus

    Atheros AR5006 and 5007 Working.

    Okay, that wasn't THAT hard to get working. The jist is I needed to install the Atheros Drivers (5008) from the iATKOS installer.. That got my wireless pretty much entirely working - except that it wouldn't connect to WPA networks.. For that, you can just manually run: networksetup -setairportnetwork "(network ssid)" "(network password)" After that, I wrote a tiny script to auto run the above on boot as I usually will use my laptop at home on the same network. Not sure if I'll have too much pain when I go around. Well, I guess I've found "a" solution... I guess this is reasonably graceful all things considered. Related posts below: http://www.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/index.php/t40317.html http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;&do=findComment&comment=894948
  9. Not quite sure what went wrong with Chipsxd's script when I ran it, but after doing some editing of the script I almost got it working when I just decided to write my own.. Chipsxd is a nice solution as you can just run his generic script.. Here's an alternative just in case. Make your own script: 1. Open a terminal and type: vim /usr/bin/LoginWindowHook 2. In the new script, enter: #!/bin/bash /usr/sbin/networksetup -setairportnetwork "[network ssid]" "[password]" & 3. Then make it executable: chmod +x /usr/bin/LoginWindowHook 4. Set the script to auto run upon boot - there are other ways of doing this - I use this method for Synergy, works just fine for this too: defaults write com.apple.loginwindow LoginHook /usr/bin/LoginWindowHook That's it.. Hope that helps some people.
  10. My 3680 has an Atheros wireless nic in it, I selected that in the custom part of the setup process. I also selected the Intel SpeedStep driver and the Intel GMA950 video driver.
  11. jaymus

    Atheros Card not working

    Guess I jumped the gun a little. The Atheros 5008 driver provided by the installer more or less works with my AR5BMB5 wireless nic. My current problem is that I can't connect to my own WPA protected network. I can however connect to a barely in-range open wireless network. If anyone knows how to get around the WPA issue, I'd appreciate some pointers. Thanks.
  12. jaymus

    Atheros AR5006 and 5007 Working.

    I'm stuck with a AR5BMB5 Atheros card... I have little use for osx without this working. I'm happy to commit many hours to this, but I'm not sure what to try anymore. I have installed the 5008 Atheros driver, but doesn't seem to have changed anything. *** Edit *** I'm not sure why when I re-ran the installer (hence already installed stuff was marked as "upgrade") and selected the 5008 driver it didn't seem to work whereas when I reformatted and reinstalled it did. The following post contains potentially helpful info on this.
  13. jaymus

    Atheros AR5BMB5

    Sweet you got AR5BMB5 working!? How? Please share! *** Edit below *** Okay this is pretty much a solved issue. In short if you include the Atheros 5008 driver with the installer on a fresh install, the AR5BMB5 will work for the most part. I've had some issues using WPA (both WPA1 and WPA2) - below are some links to related posts. There is a way to get the card to connect to WPA networks and it's not that hard, just sort of indirect. http://www.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/index.php/t40317.html http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry894948
  14. You don't need to install everything. I just got iATKOS v4 on my Acer 3680 going - though so far I don't have the networking working. But everything else appears good - maybe not quite power management either.