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  1. Broadcom 570x and 575x

    its working on! YES.. Only strange problem is. When i reboot the pc the network card is working.. When i reboot again, i must follow the procedure again.. it seems when i reboot the second time, he put something back.. so that i must do the steps again.
  2. The problem here is, almost everyhting is working. Except the network card's. Tried some 3com pcmcia cards. Nothing.. guess i better wait till someone has network card drivers.. and meanwhile back to windows xp. this is very frustrating.
  3. not much happening on this forum
  4. Tried at home. Results are good. Indeed the monitor solve the problem. Only when i put the laptop in mirror mode it works till i logoff. When i restart, i get NO login screen, on both monitors (laptop & monitor) i get a bleu screen, and its empty. Guess i can solve this tonight at home. Did you get your intel wireless card running on the LT ? if yes, what is your solution ? Many thanks! (sorry for my bad english).
  5. When booting up the laptop, it stops when the blue screen appears. Same laptop. It happends when starting up from the install dvd. is this why i need the dongle 2 ? The 10.4.1 will install without problems... Only 10.4.4 stops when the gray screen goes away and the bluescreen appears... Any ideas ? I can install this version on another laptop without problems.. HP NC8000