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  1. Please, show me one motherboard, i can buy right now that is EFI? and please, a reasonable one, not an exotic one.
  2. I'm pretty sure that OSX will run on all PC's after Apple removed the EFI requirement. After that, is up to manufacturers to create drivers for their devices. Heck, look how stable most OSX86 installations are already, running all kind of hacked drivers. Imagine how it will run with official drivers. Granted, Apple needs some kind of authorization to sell OSX, keys, activations, etc. But to keep thinking that Apple will ever have a bigger market share with their current strategy, must be really dreaming. No matter how bad Vista is, how geeky Linux is and how great snow Leopard might be, most companies and users will never lock themselves on one company. Well, at least, not on one that provides no more options than themselves. Also, there are plenty of PC's out there that can run any version of OSX fine, is insane to suggest to just dump them and get a Mac. Again and again, the software route works, Microsoft is proof of that. Apple is in a great position to capitalize on Vista failure.
  3. New leo4allv3 patch

    No wonder.....
  4. New leo4allv3 patch

    Man, i would hate to need help from you if you had a real Mac, you already sound like a true mac fanboi.
  5. New leo4allv3 patch

    The problem is that the majority of responses in these forums are the same: "Oh, you need to reinstall the drivers" How about taking a little bit of time and explaining in how exactly i can install those drivers? But people forget that every single one of us started as a noob and then assume that everyone is a pro. I stated many times, I'm a noob, at least on OSX86, and so far, i have no idea in how to install or where to find drivers for devices. This forum has a lot of information, but sadly, i think that it needs to be a bit better organized. In case i was misunderstood, Jas patch for Leo4AllV3 did not work for me, but installing Leo4All v3 and then installing Jas standalone update worked great, just that i was not able to fix QE?CI and sound, but that part, is my fault for being a noob. So, since i was not able to find the needed information, i will wait for Jas to release his 10.5.3 ISO and go from there. If anything, I agree with Jas's fustration, since all he tried to do was to help Leo4All users, since Eddie is not around and it kind of backfired on him.
  6. New leo4allv3 patch

    I must say, i lost my cool. Looking at this situation, that's the weak spot for OSX86. So far, the only distro that worked for me is Leo4All, but if JaS cannot fix this thing, what hope we mere mortals have? I will wait for your distro, see how it works and hope to learn enough that in case you have to go like Eddie, I can at least maintain my install. I'm conclusion, i expend 2 days with this project. Patched Leo4all v3 iso with jas ppf, from Windows, installed, never booted. Installed regular Leo4Allv3, installed Jas 10.5.3 combo update and it worked great, but QE/CI and sound was not working and since i'm a complete noob, was not able to fix it. reformatted and when back to vista. I will try once more with the new Jas ISO.
  7. New leo4allv3 patch

    Ok, i gave up, since is almost impossible to get help here. I just installed Leo4All v3 and will try to update in another way. By the way, i was able to delete the mentioned file, but still had a non bootable system. Back to lurking mode.
  8. New leo4allv3 patch

    Ok, i was able to patch from Windows, installed and got this error. I'm a complete noob, so how exactly do i do these steps? PS: Anibalin, you were right, did not select any kernel and it installed 9.3.0.
  9. New leo4allv3 patch

    I'm curious. After patching the iso, will i get the option for 9.3.0 kernel? Also, is there any advantage in using this kernel say instead of 9.2.0? By the way, i have a g31 mobo and a c2d 6550.
  10. Shuttle core duo! Hackintosh compatible?

    I have a SG31 and it works great with Leo4All V3. Only issue is the system restart and shutdown. Vid card: XFX 7800gt C2D 6550 4 GB A-data ram Sata Liteon and WD HD.
  11. New leo4allv3 patch

    The great one walks among us!!. Man, i must turn down the butt kissing. LOL Actually, I'm going to do a fresh install, but, since I dont have any working install rigth now, I will install Leo4All, patch the ISO and reinstall. If all works great, will dump windows for good.
  12. New leo4allv3 patch

    Thanks, great one. The best will get better with the help of the great one, JaS.
  13. Great one, Hmmm, you might be tired of getting called that!!. can you say how long more to wait for your 10.5.3 ISO? I'm about to to install OSX86 again, but i prefer to wait for one with the update already in.
  14. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Lately, I noted that if anything is announced that could help spread OSX to more people is negatively accepted? Remember, is Apple's fault, with their high prices and lack of hardware variety that pretty much created the OSX86 movement. If this thing works, more power to it. Psystar? great for them for trying, except for the part of no giving it dues to the people that worked so hard on bringing OSX to PC's. Me? I always liked Mac's, since the original Mac and never agreed with their prices. So any cheap way i can get OSX, I will go for it. Also, do you guys think that Apple is that stupid? They know about this place, Psystar and now this people and guess what? they wont do much, since they know that we are expanding their user base and that will help sell more stuff under the OSX banner. So, let’s be more positive in anything that can help us install, use OSX on our pc's
  15. ZDNet's Latest OSX86 Review

    fine, what ever you say. I'm not sure what i did to you to just pick on me, but i wont waste more time on this non sense. since you are a moderator, please fell free to close my account. There are more friendly forums out there....