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  1. http://uk.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=3&...amp;modelmenu=2 Hopefully that suits your needs, always look at Asus (My favourite manufacturer), Gigabyte, and DFi when looking at new motherborads, all these guys are tier 1 manaufacturers.
  2. Rebranding Atheros AR5006EG to a Vanilla Card

    these commands are supposed to be run in osx and not linux right?
  3. Rebranding Atheros AR5006EG to a Vanilla Card

    ifconfig ath0 down This command told me i didn't have priveliges, so I added sudo to the start and all went well, however the syslog commands still do nothing in terminal. To clarify, I am using a Samsung NC10 with mysticus and jas nc10 10.5.6 iso then updated to 10.5.7 with mysticus' patches. I have no idea what is going on.
  4. Rebranding Atheros AR5006EG to a Vanilla Card

    nothing happens when I input those commands in terminal, what am I doing wrong? Do I need to change directories and if so, what to? EDIT: I am writing this connected to wireless, unfortunately I am having to use the kismac method to get a connection, but it is working so there has to be a proper solution to my problem.
  5. Rebranding Atheros AR5006EG to a Vanilla Card

    I'll have to reinstall osx as I have run into some other problems. I will post what you've asked for later this evening
  6. Rebranding Atheros AR5006EG to a Vanilla Card

    Ok I now am able to boot correctly with 10.5.7 update, ethernet is now working thanks to the kext in 10.5.7. My problem now is that in networkprefs plist I have my ethernet as en0 and airport as en1, however in system profiler it shows them the other way around, I have heard that having airport as en1 is sometimes the key to success. My card shows up but cannot find any networks. do you think that it would work if I could get the airport to be en1? EDIT: So i managed to get the airport as en1 and ethernet as en0 but it still just endlessly scans and finds nothing, guess its time to buy a dell 1390 card.
  7. Rebranding Atheros AR5006EG to a Vanilla Card

    Ok folks, I now have OS X reinstalled on a spare drive, it's the JaS NC10 OSX86 DVD and obviously I am using a Samsung NC10. Now I managed to boot once with my newly modified card, the first time I got a panic, and now every boot results in a panic. The attatched screenshot shows my dilema, I would greatly appreciate any help you guys might be able to give. Thanks in advance P.S. I have tried booting with -x flag but I get the same error.
  8. Rebranding Atheros AR5006EG to a Vanilla Card

    I'm completely bemused, I have done all steps listed here and my eeprom dump shows all the correct changes, however lspci still shows the original info about my card. I am using a samsung nc10 with an atheros AR5007EG card. I guess I'll reinstall OS X and see if all is well. EDIT: I just remembered that when I boot into windows all IDs are shown as original unmodified IDs, can anyone explain why my eeprom dump shows the changes even after several reboots but lspci and windows show the original IDs. I would greatly appreciate any and all answers. EDIT 2: Now I'm really confused, after several more reboots my card has changed in windows to an AR5006x and all IDs are now showing as modified. Now if only I could get a OS X installed again.
  9. I have the same motherboard and have used the kext in that thread. I had to switch off my system and unplug the PSU then hit the power button a couple of times to drain any residual power. After this I switched my system back on and I had fully working ethernet. Hope this helps ya buddy
  10. Did replacing the WiFi card kill my HP?

    in that case mate, I would say you shouldn't worry. My only issue about the BIOS was that hey may check the chip, but if it's a well documented issue that these boards are crappy, then I doubt that they would check. Good luck dude, hope all goes well
  11. Did replacing the WiFi card kill my HP?

    They will know that you have been messing with it. All laptop screws have either red or blue paint on them that comes off when you screw them back in. Also you say you flashed your BIOS with one from here, is this an official HP bios or a modded one? Hopefully all will be well, but I thought I'd tell you what I know.
  12. Just updated my kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.4 combo update using v0.5 updater. Took the risk on my only partition and it worked like a charm, just had to reinstall audio drivers and that was it. Fully working 10.5.4 on ASUS M2N32-Sli Deluxe, AMD X2 5200+ , 2GB DDR2 667, various SATA HDDs. Happy as a pig in the proverbial. Downloading iLife as we speak. P.S. Xbox360 livecam works a treat as an iSight (absolutely no kexts required!!! it just works PnP), now i just need a mic and I'll be all good.
  13. AD1988b_rev3_Installer.zip (761.06 Kb)

    Hey guys, does anyone have the rev4 installer, I tried rev3 with my m2n32-sli deluxe to try to get spdif out working, unfortunately it just produces a horrible high-pitched whine. I'm hoping that maybe the rev4 version might work. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Dok EDIT: seems as though the nasty sound was caused by my onboard wifi kicking in. I no longer need the wifi as I have got fully working onboard LAN now. However, I get no volume options using SPDIF!! is this normal??
  14. Ethernet Driver for Marvell 88E1116

    Works on my M2N32-Sli Deluxe too, I don't have to use stinking old wifi hurrah! P.S. When this board was designed nVidia were very much in bed with AMD producing more advanced chipsets exclusively for them. They were not friends with intel at all. That of course all changed when AMD acquired ATi.
  15. Look HERE!. Have a nice day. You are awesome, I tried using search function on the site, but it tells me that i'm doing something wrong, maybe i am, but i don't think so. Anyway, I seem to be up and running, so thanks.