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  1. Sorry, I don't think I was clear. I don't have the front assembly that connects to the USB, Firewire, and power. I just have the little three-pin connection that covers the power button and LED button. I don't really want to take it out, but I'm thinking all I really can do is replace it with a standard ATX button and LED.
  2. So, I just got my G5 case, and it's got the tiny 3-pin connector for the power button and LED. What is the order of the pins' functions? I know one is power, one is the LED, and one is the ground, but I don't know in which order they are or how to connect it to a standard ATX mobo.
  3. As an owner of both a Macbook Air and a Wind U100, I must confess that I use the Wind more often and enjoy using it just as much. It's just as fast, even with only 1GB of RAM, and is the perfect size to carry around everywhere. HOWEVER, note: Built-in mic is non-functional, unless you want to rewire it to an internal (or one of the externals) USB bus, but that's far beyond my ability. Headphone port is non-functional, unless you use a script to enable it. Stock 3-cell battery will last you about 1:45-2:00. I haven't tried Coolbook, which is supposed to dramatically increase that, but the battery simply isn't as good as the Air's, unless you have the 6- or 9-cell version. You will have to pop out the "Alt" and "Windows/Command" keys and swap them. All of the function buttons (volume, brightness, wi-fi, sleep) work, but only the volume keys have the HUD adjustment. The Realtek WLAN Utility Client for the stock Realtek Wi-Fi card works great, but it is ANNOYING. The card reader works perfectly. All in all, the Air is probably a better computer, but $1450 better it ain't. With a little software tweaking (and hardware if you're feeling bold) the Wind is a very capable little OS X machine.
  4. Windows XP skinned for Tiger, with all freeware. I haven't done this in ages, so most of my good pictures are missing. Tiger .msstyle VS Samurize RocketDock nExplorer 1.9 MacSearch Trillian 3 iChat skin Safari close-minimize-maximize mod iTunes multi-plugin If you want it to seriously look like OS X, but don't mind dropping some cash, I'd recommed Object Desktop ($50). It provides you with several tools (WindowBlinds, ObjectBar, WindowFX, ObjectDock, and more) that let you radically change the appearance of Windows. I haven't used Windows in months, so I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but as to your questions. First off, you're going to need Lucida Grande. This is Mac OS X's main font; it's been plastered all over the internet. Next you'll need a proper Mac OS X Leopard .msstyle. Leftsider is a neat little tweak that moves the close-minimize-maximize to the left. nExplorer is a very convincing Finder clone featuring column view. Oh, and Mac OS X icon sets are everywhere on the internet.
  5. It won't let me boot from it D: That's what separates the "upgrade" disc, I think. Anyway, I got sick of it all and got a MacBook Pro, so all is well.
  6. Um...Logic board? Looks like your PSU is fine, since something happens when you turn it on, but no startup chime (or noise at all) generally means there's a serious hardware issue.
  7. Metuas

    Mac Veterans: PowerPC Pride!

    I was a PPC fanboy to the final moment - then I bought a MBP and everything changed. Still do love my G5, though. Runs Pro Tools and CS3 better than the MBP, to be honest.
  8. Metuas

    Dead iMac G4

    If you can, I guess, you could try to find someone with a functioning iMac and ask to swap your PSU in... Silly apple gave the G4 proprietary everything so the parts are usually iMac G4 only, unlike the power mac/pro. I guess you do need some crazy hardware in order to fit into that case, though. Otherwise, you don't have many options. I guess you get what you pay for, and though I wish you the best, you probably have a dead iMac on your hands. If you have a desktop sans screen, and you don't mind a big cable coming out of the back of your mac, you could drop in a screen of the same size of your imac, cut a hole for the cable to come out and hook it up to your computer. It would make a very attractive display (I had a [functioning] G4 until recently, when I was forced to sell it in order to raise money for a macbook). Worked great under screenrecycler as an extra screen for my power mac g5.
  9. Have you looked around in Keyboard & Mouse section of System Preferences? Also, have you checked that the port is working properly? It looks like the power is working and the hardware is working properly but something may not be clicking, I guess. I feel your two button mouse pain, though. All I have are one button mice but I don't want to spend $70 on just a mouse, but I also don't want it to be ugly. I guess the Wacom mouse would work, but then, I would have to lug around a tablet.
  10. Metuas

    Dead iMac G4

    The ticking sound means that the PSU probably *is* working. When I unplugged my G5 in a thunderstorm, it ticked off, and when I plugged it back in, it ticked on. Dead G4's are pretty much that...dead. There's very little upgradability (unless you want to sink $450 for the Daystar upgrade) except for RAM and HD. The display has a proprietary connector meaning you can't put in a Mac mini or anything, and the arm is too thin to fit a DVI/VGA/ADC, only micro-DVI *might* fit, but good luck finding a computer connecting by micro DVI.
  11. Um, which PowerBook G4? That's a pretty diverse selection of computers there. However, I can tell you that my 15" 1.5 GHz does not have a problem with my one-button Apple Mouse (the white + clear one). Have you tried wired and bluetooth mice? And maybe (...xD) a trackball mouse?
  12. To my dismay, upon attempting to upgrade from the bloated useless wreck that is XP Media Center preinstalled on this PC to the much more sensible XP Professional, which supports Pro Tools, that being the critical issue, I was stymied by the setup's stupid insistence on disallowing me to make either a clean install or upgrade. Then I remember that I have a 98SE disk lying around and use it on a virtual machine to make sure it works. And the upgrade works great. However, I am uncertain as to whether Windows 98 will boot or run natively on a Core 2 Duo machine. Having read up, it seems that one must disable one core and/or modify the BIOS in other ways; are there other ways of using the upgrade CD, nLite perhaps?, that I can use to create a bootable CD or at least something that doesn't require trying to rig windows 98 onto a machine that is too new for it?
  13. Metuas

    Google likes us?

    ...Nobody says OSx64 though. Kinda funny, that.
  14. Soündless is banned for ) having an umlaut on the u that I don't know how to do in Mac OS X ) having no sound. I'd sooner be blind than deaf.
  15. Currently my home setup is a hodgepodge of disjointed Macs and PCs. Sometime however the last remaining PC will fall to an iMac. Now, invariably a Windows VM may be necessary for Dad and for a few stubborn Windows only programs. Can I install Windows onto an external physical disk (probably on a file server) and bootcamp it or run in vmware AS WELL AS emulate it in a PowerPC Mac, or do the same thing with a virtual disk? If possible, how, but is it legal? Remember I am talking single user licence not Windows Server.