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  1. Did you use a Snow Leopard retail image?
  2. Parallels 4

    Well, under Windows, there is nothing better than VMWare. And as far as I heard, Fusion got better....
  3. New version 1.1 of GenericCPUPowerManagement

    Mh it's working now, but it still displays the wrong frequency. I also get a KP when the voltage is too far down. I don't think it happens on auto mode, but I tried manual mode on 925 mV and the computer crashed. Untitled.doc
  4. New version 1.1 of GenericCPUPowerManagement

    Here is my KP screen shot. I hope you can read something. http://img216.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pict0002sq9.jpg
  5. New version 1.1 of GenericCPUPowerManagement

    I will, I will. As I said I will see what I can do to help you. I just didn't have the time yet.
  6. New version 1.1 of GenericCPUPowerManagement

    Mh, I just got a KP after I installed the new kext. Will see what I can do...
  7. New version 1.1 of GenericCPUPowerManagement

    OK, here is debug info and picture: power.doc
  8. OSX86Tools Final Release is Here

    Nice to see that it's finally done. Great work ~pcwiz, as always. I'll check some stuff I need to do and report back in case I find any bugs.
  9. New version 1.1 of GenericCPUPowerManagement

    OK, here is a screen shot and the logs from the new version. See for yourself that the frequency issue still exist, now it's even funnier than before (~3000MHz is the lowest 250MHz the highest)! Logs: screen.tiff
  10. New version 1.1 of GenericCPUPowerManagement

    Hey, it's working here (specs in signature), but the app shows 100-225 MHz. Kinda strange for a T8100! This is what I got with grep: CPU Type [Core 2 Duo Mobile T8100] CPU Signature [10676] Mobile CPU [Y] Latency [?] us Max multiplier [10.5] Half multiplier [N] TjMAX [105°] C Control Max [?] Min [?] Range: Frequency [800] MHz to [2100] MHz, Voltage [1000] mV to [1250] mV Voltage stepping [?] mV. CPU Family [6] Model [7] Stepping [6] Here are some experiences by me. Voltage can be quite a bit lower (925). So far Multiplier change results in immediate crash. (everything under windows) Great work so far! Thanks
  11. Public beta for Slimtool by PCWiz

    It works now, at least it detects the apps correctly. I haven't tried the actual slimming process. Do you plan to add a language slimming feature? That save a lot more space! I tried xSlimmer and it says I can save 1,65 GB with language and binary slimming. Only binary is 160 MB, the same as Slimmtool (great isn't it, it does the same for free)! That feature is quite interesting. Again great work ~pcwiz!
  12. Public beta for Slimtool by PCWiz

    Hehe, yeah I was wondering, because none of my apps worked with 1.1 lol I'll try again and report back as usual!
  13. Public beta for Slimtool by PCWiz

    Hey I found a bug. When you add xBench (which is universal) via the add app button, it crashes, I'll attach a screen shot. If you Drag'n'Drop nothing happens. error.tiff
  14. Public beta for Slimtool by PCWiz

    Hey ~pcwiz, it's not possible to download the file. I used my PCWiz Computer login, but it just keeps asking for username and password.
  15. Medion Akoya MD 96850 als Hackintosh?

    Oh sorry, ich hab nicht dran gedacht das es auch noch normale Akoya Laptops gibt...^^