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  1. Hey sonotone, I used the applehda audio patcher program that was on this forum, however now my "mute" doesnt work, and even if i reduce volume to 0 i can still hear the sound. Any solutions?
  2. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    hmm, i think i read that was a problem with someone else in another thread. I'd use google to search this forum though, the forum search can be a pain. Try reintalling the GL kext from the zip using the kextloader?
  3. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    what i would suggest is try removing other things, maybe try some other suggestions in these recent topics about x3100....other than that, i did exactly what you did and got the thing working magically. not sure if i was just lucky or what, but its about damn time i get lucky with mac haha try the kalyway release by the way, that might do it best of luck bro
  4. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    gtzpower, do an ls command after youre all done with the sudo rm -rf AppleIntelGMAX3100FB* command. and one more after sudo rm -rf Natit* copy the output of each of those to here. also, did you make sure you set the active corner properly? other than that everything looks okay..EDIT: nevermind, just watched the second vid, ignore the active corner comment do you have a password required on bootup? if so, get rid of it. maybe try leaving it in the bottom right corner for 10 seconds or something? another question, you are only removing the AppleIntelGMAX3100FB* kext right, not every GMAX3100 kext?
  5. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    Thats what was happening to me before, when i connected an external monitor. Try it a few more times, remember to repair permissions and double check that you went through all the steps and that the files are removed. Use terminal to sudo rm -rf the files specified. If you have a GMA 950 then these instructions probably wont work, but make sure that your about this mac says GMA X3100 and the device ID matches up properly. Other than that, maybe you can post what happens with different things, or through PM so taht this topic isnt cluttered.
  6. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    let me know how it goes, ill keep checking back
  7. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    gtzpower, yea I did everything but the remove part and it didnt work. Once i did the remove and then loaded those two files with kexthelper it worked. I nearly fainted..haha
  8. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    Jonty, here's what i did, basically the same as what was posted above: Install the graphics update first, DONT RESTART!!, then REMOVE the existing Natit.Kext and AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext from the Extensions directory , then install Natit.Kext & AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext (ONLY THESE, NOT THE OTHERS) files and then REPAIR PERMISSIONS and then restart using -f to force reload files. then when system boots, and display goes blue to black, like the other guides say, drag your mouse to the corner you set for "Sleep display, then move it back acrosss the screen. and the screen wakes with full QE/CI keep moving your mouse towards there and and sliding it around there for a few minutes if you cant see it at first. Good luck - btw, im on a inspiron 1520
  9. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

  10. a fully working x3100 driver if you can do it
  11. Dell 1450 USB Drivers?

    http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=683238 for usb
  12. if you cant figure it out, then you didn't read my post above....
  13. Leo4Allv3

    i resolved my problem by just setting to AHCI. Please check my other question though
  14. Leo4Allv3

    bad news eddie, gmax3100 driver didn't work for me, still dont see my internal monitor if QE/CI are enabled along with res change. If i remove the kext I can see it.