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  1. 7200GS here. I also have to use the 10.6.1 kexts. After rebooting, I got a strange problem: The system detected two monitors plugged in, with the primary being the VGA port -.- so I was being greeted by an empty screen, save for the wallpaper. After plugging a monitor into the VGA port and then unplugging it, the second monitor was gone and everything was alright again... I hope that I do not have to this on every reboot, didn't reboot since then...
  2. Styleneed

    AD1988A in SL

    Hi, I have a Asus P5B-E Plus board and want audio out to work in Snow Leopard. Does anyone know a way to achieve this? Codec used is an AD1988A.
  3. Styleneed

    iMac and Windows XP Help

    I think you've looked up the wrong forum. This forum is about running Mac OS X on normal PCs. Not Windows on Apple machines. Anyway, yes, those keys would probably work because both are for a Windows XP Professional license - The service pack doesn't matter.
  4. Could anyone please reupload efi_boot_v6.1.zip ( 58.79K ) ? The forum displays an error message not finding the file. Thanks in advance.
  5. Styleneed

    Mouse Pointer jumping iDeneb

    Ugh, i can't find the thread. You are looking for a older version of Quicktime/iTunes, which replaces the new Driver kext for this card - This new driver enables some decoding through the gpu, and this makes the mouse go jumpy. But as i searched this thread again i noticed some new solutions: You can flash your 8800GT with the originial Apple Firmware, or just do this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1074361 This also disables the new decoding stuff but apparently leaves the driver kext where they belong.
  6. Would be interested in that answer as well, just selecting the samsung nc10 package as described in the releasefile doesn't work. Just hangs somewhere at the boot stage, didn't try with -x though, needed the laptop working again so installed xp back
  7. Thanks, I think it got it straight now. Followed munky's tutorial and got my retail install working fine now
  8. Hi, I managed to install OS X Retail by using Boot-132 - but I'm having a slight problem with Chameleon. It seems that it doesn't load the necessary kexts at boot-time. This is what I've done so far: - got the Chameleon_DFE_for_Hard_Disk.pkg - stuffed all needed kexts under Contents/Resources/Extra - installed the pkg. but when I try to boot from hard disk with Chameleon, these don't get loaded. At the moment, I have to resort to booting from my boot-132 CD, which works fine and loads the kexts. Is there something I have missed? thanks.
  9. Styleneed

    HFS or NTFS?

    I'd go with NTFS and MacFuse. Macdrive was buggy for me the last time i used it (Crashed several times while trying to copy 200GB of Data)
  10. Styleneed

    Mouse Pointer jumping iDeneb

    Had the same problems here after installing a clean iDeneb 10.5.6. Replacing the Quicktime stuff fixed it. (8600GTS 256MB, nvinject)
  11. Styleneed

    sleep doesn't work when USB hub is attached

    Update - tried with all USB hubs I could dig up. No success. I can remove the hub while the system is running and sleep works fine then. EHCISleepEnabler.kext didn't help. Played around with USB-related settings in BIOS (EHCI handover, etc.) but still no success :-(
  12. Hi, I just installed iPC 10.5.6 on an Asus P5B-E Plus based system. Sleep works fine as long as there is no external USB hub attached to the system. When I attach a hub, the system doesn't fully go into sleep, it just hangs with a black screen and the CPU fan running, and I have to reset it. Do you think it's a good idea to test Superhai's EHCISleepEnabler? I'm using the vanilla kernel. Other USB devices attached are a trackball, keyboard and USB hdd. Sleep works fine with these directly attached to the mainboard ports.
  13. Styleneed

    Leo4All V3 on AMD X2 & Asus M2A-VM

    For the guys with the IDE DVD - Try to get a IDE SATA Converter from ebay, or use Zephyroth Release. Works fine with mine, but i've got several Problems with USB with every release i could find. Sometimes it just doesn't communicate with usb anymore, or the mouse "lags" an jumps all over the desktop. Tried many, many BIOS revisions, only one that worked acceptable was 1201, the original, but I can't find it anymore. Can someone pls upload it for me?
  14. Styleneed

    iTunes 7.7 released

    I've got some problems with the new iTunes updates. Everytime i try to open the Store, iTunes crashes. Any ideas?