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  1. msbc

    Clover General discussion

    Same here. ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO, I7-8700, RX580+UHD630
  2. Based on this Geekbench Report (https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/10604798) its Macmini8,1
  3. For my understanding and learning: Current build is 10.13.5 - this Clover Folder+DSDT is good for 10.13.6 and 10.14 but would need changes if update BIOS? Can I overclock Mobo or will that also need DSDT changes?
  4. I replaced with new DSDT and now Sleep works - wake with power button I re-ran the Run Me.app you linked but it had a problem at the IOReg step - Apple Security popup. Is there a newer Run Me that fix this?
  5. I'm not sure what you mean by "use power button to wake"? I am putting my Hack to sleep (Apple Menu/Sleep) - it enters sleep mode (screen off, fans off, case led pulse) then after a second wakes again - no input from me.
  6. Thank you - fixed empty PCI list. Sleep still not working - wakes after 1 second. BUT, Wake Reason now show as XHC instead of before it was XDCI XHC.
  7. Updated to latest BIOS (1503), extracted tables and run app. Appreciate your guidance. Send me MSCHack.zip
  8. I think changing Serial Number will mean software licence fail. If I change SMBIOS without changing Serial then iMessage won't work, correct? Can my Sleep and PCI list issues be fixed with staying 18,3? Problems: Wakes from sleep immediately - Wake Reason XDCI XHC PCI table in System Info is empty. ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO, i8700K, RX580+iGPU
  9. I compared you're updated config.plist to mine and one of the main differences is changing SMBIOS from iMac18,3 to iMacPro1,1. Can I check with you is this is really important to change for my hardware? Because, I have many Software licences that depend on machine-id/serial number which would have to be de-activated/activated again. Thanks for your consideration.
  10. My bad. Extracted and new Send Me created. Thank you Sir. Send me MSCHack.zip
  11. Hi MaLd0n, Hope you may be able to help me with 2 issues I have with my Hack: 1. PCI section of System Information shows "This computer doesn’t contain any PCI cards or devices. If you installed or connected a PCI card or device, make sure it is properly installed." 2. If I put my Hack to Sleep it wakes immediately (1 second) - Wake Reason: XDCI XHC. ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO Intel i7-8700K Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8GB Thanks Send me MSCHack.zip
  12. msbc

    ESP Mounter Pro

    Great tool. Worked fine for me on Sierra. Just upgraded to 10.13.4. Still works but instead of showing the name of my Boot drive it shows "Untitled 2".