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  1. There is no suitable patch. rehabman Can you tell me that part of the dismantling?
  2. hello! @MaLd0n Can help me solve battery display. alienware14R5 DSDT.aml
  3. HELLO! MaLd0n Can you help me with the battery display and the I2C touchpad? MECHREVO Z2 cpu core i7-8750h DSDT.aml
  4. devil7108

    Hackintool v2.0.4

    Hello, I used 1.3.2 version to patch out HDMI audio does not show how to repair. device-id 260A0000 This data has been used for Always floral screen. 只有用04120000 OK
  5. hello MaLd0n I have encountered a problem in making battery patch. I don't know how to solve it. Can you help me solve it? There is a mistake that doesn't understand how to dismantle. asus u4100uq DSDT.aml asus U4100UQ.txt
  6. devil7108

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    @ Ukr55 Thank you very much
  7. devil7108

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    @Ukr55 Do you have a DVMT DP4 with Haswell
  8. @ MaLd0n no USBINJECTALL! But how do I show pictures? I want to know.
  9. Hello, can you help me build a USB in DSDT? MSI CPU:Intel i7-4810MQ GTX860M 2GB ALC892 DSDT.aml
  10. hello! MaLd0n Why I can't get into the system when I load the DSDT. The mojave system is used. When I entered, I saw an apple Icon without a progress bar. Without loading DSDT, it can enter the system, but occasionally restart it in use.