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  1. oh, you've gotten the computer to boot now? if it doesnt get past that cmos checksum error, just unplug your keyboard and restart. It should then get past it. If you have a windows installation that boots up, you are in good luck. once you get into windows use your mouse to reflash the bios again using the modded rom again. that fixed the CMOS problem for me. DO NOT USE THE ORDER2CHAOS FLASH! thats for the g31t-a.
  2. update: i've had it working great on my G31T-M for a few weeks now. Sorry for not updating earlier. I used one of the modified bios's for the G31T-M on that thread, but not the same one you used; there are actually ones made for the M version there. Everything works great without adding any extra drivers using iAtkos 10.5.4. I did have to add a wireless driver though, but it wasn't necessary for the onboard LAN. Running GREAT w/ Q6600, 2GB ram, Radeon HD3870, stock kernel. Couldn't be happier
  3. i still cannot get it working. please clarify a bit; by disable ide, are you talking about the ide busmaster? or are you talking about the ide controller?also, which option are you talking about when you refer to "other boot devices?" are you talking about the option "boot other devices," or should i disable each boot device? please help, and thank you for your time
  4. after flashing with the custom firmware, i am able to edit cmos setiings right afterward. after i save and exit with those settings, however, nothing shows up with my monitor and i essentially cannot do anything with my computer. display cames back after hardware cmos resetting. how did you get past the corrupt cmos problem?
  5. Best Flick ever The Departed

    Then Infernal Affairs must be the best flick ever too. The Departed is based on an asian film called Infernal Affairs, pretty cool.
  6. network card acting strange

    nope, ive tried what i can but so far nothing fixes it
  7. Im using the tulip driver on 10.4.4 right now, and it doesnt work quite well on my Kingston KNE111tx. I can get online, but after loading one page, its like the card has died out or something. Then i have to restart my computer to get it working again, then it dies again. I checked the network thingy and im getting quite a lot of packet loss and a lot of collisions. I'm not sure whats wrong, is there any way i can fix it?
  8. the turtle beach audio advantage micro works off the bat with OSx86, just plug it in and its instantly recognized. it can use 5.1 in windows, but im not so sure if the mac driver supports that function. it has optical out too, if you want to connect it to your stereo system. one of the greatest things about this is that its amplified, and can get really loud. (even with cheapy speakers)
  9. ***BEST 10.4.5 INTALLATION GUIDE***

    tee hee, i have a demonoid acct. so i have to get the restore disk and patch it with myzar patch? that way i can get from 4.3 to 4.5 right?
  10. what stinks baout htis one is that you need a 22.7 gb partition to install it. i only had 15 gb available, so i cant install it =(
  11. Sound not working

    sound isnt supported on ati chipsets yet.
  12. Conexant AMC AC'97 Audio problem

    you have an ati chipset. AC97 drivers dont like ati chipsets. =( im suffering from the same problem. im just going to go ahead and get a turtle beach audio advantage micro usb sound card from best buy.
  13. Atheros Network Drivers

    i cant find it either. i extract the "archive" file in the package, but i couldnt find any IO80211Family.kext in the extensions folder. i tried both the delta and the combo, and nothing. is the update supposed to be "MacOSXUpd10.4.5PPC.dmg"? i think its wrong because it has ppc in the name but thats the only one available for download.
  14. you need the developer tools for the make command. make is a comand to compile
  15. tulip isnt a driver for PPC systems. tulip is a driver for unix systems. im using the darwin-x86 version. everything is recognized, yet i get disconnected the instant i download anything.