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  1. Marvell Support Effort

    This is good news. It might be time to remove the two incompatible hardware list entries for the 88E8050 and 88E8053 chips. The 88E8001 situation seems much more bleak. Still working on that driver altaic?
  2. Marvell Support Effort

    The AppleYukon driver in 10.4.4 claims to be compatible with Marvell Yukon2 88E8053 PCI-Express chips, ID 0x11AB/0x4362. Some newer motherboards apparently use this chip for integrated LAN. This chip is apparently newer and quite a bit different from the 3C2000 / 3C940 / Yukon / 88E8001, which have ID 0x11AB/0x4320. The older chip seems much more common than Yukon2 and is probably what most people reading this thread seek support for. I tried installing only the AppleYukon plugin from the 10.4.4 OS into 8F1111. Is this approach fatally flawed? I haven't read around enough to understand, but kextload didn't seem to complain. Anyway, I did this on a machine with a Yukon1, and the driver loaded but didn't recognize the NIC. Tweaking Info.plist, this problem is solved -- the driver creates an enX device, correctly determines the MAC, and manages to send out a DHCP request. Unfortunately it seems to fail to receive DHCP replies and causes the system to crash shortly after being enabled. Indeed SysKonnect maintains one of the Linux drivers for this series of chips, and apparently shoved support for both Yukon and Yukon2 into that same sk98lin driver. There is some criticism of this approach on the linux-kernel mailing list, suggesting that perhaps those chips are too different to be comfortably supported by the same device driver, and a driver written for one won't accidentially support the other.