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  1. drpeppir

    Can you see the fear in Microsoft's eyes?

    Agreed, since when can I SLi and play Crysis on OSX- OSX is great for desktop {censored} (photoshop, sending email, work {censored})- but if you want to do cutting edge stuff with your hardware you have to have windows period or wait until apple allows it's customers (by providing drivers via long waited updates or product refreshes) to have it.
  2. drpeppir

    iATKOS 10.5.4 DVD release

    Is this 10.5.5 ? I thought 10.5.5 was the latest.
  3. Hey sonotone, thanks for the updates as well as the Dell 1395 quick fix will save me a lot of trouble adding my device to the kext file. Anyways just wanted to know if this release includes Macnub's 10.5.3 AppleSMBios 28 ? Or just his previous one?
  4. Yea I am wondering the same thing, I tried installing SuperHai's Clamshell kext but it did not work and the lid didnt allow the laptop to sleep, maybe if it is added via your installer or something... either way def appreciate the support and updates! Although what would be the best update would be a shudown/restart fix (not to be demanding or anything )
  5. No I was doing it the second way! My apologies, it works completely now with reboot! Thanks
  6. Well I am glad it is working for you, however I just tried the same method and can confirm it does not work, dragging anything into HDAPatcher whether is 1.13 or 1.16, gives me no result, in other words it just sits there.
  7. Yea sound works for me but only when I wake from sleep.... It works some of the time after reboots, but it depends I suppose... for me it works 100% of the time after sleep wake. Do some research -- Insanelymac is def the best resource-- and if you get too frustrated then just go buy a real mac lol.
  8. I had no issues whatsoever, I am glad sonotone put this out-- it makes things soooo much easier, perhaps your are not installing your osx correctly... either way -- OSX isnt like vista, you don't have to reinstall if errors come up, just replace the appropriate kexts and youll be good to go.
  9. drpeppir

    iATKOS v2.0i

    This is a good installer, I have used Kalyway and Leo4All most of the time, but after using iATKOS for the first time on my XPS M1530 I am impressed at how fast it installs-- the only issues I had was I had to apply an SATA AHCI fix after 10.5.3 update and my time machine consistently returns a no MAC address failure so Time machine wont work ... but thats okay SUperDuper! works fine.. Looking forward to their 10.5.3 rls as well -- if they plan on rlsing one that is
  10. Hey Macgirl just wanted to say good job on the research, makes me wish I learned more about OSX a long time ago... The only 2 issues, as everyone is having on M1530 my install is Shutdown/Restart w/Nvidia and my sound only works after I wake from sleep mode-- For the sound: I have have tried the switch to headset b4 reboot fix among others including the HDAPatcher(which doesnt do anything after I drag and drop my codec onto the icon; ive tried all versions of that, even deleted extensions.mkext and reset permissions - still no go on HDA Patcher-- but i doubt it'll help anyways as the sound issue is iffy anyways from what I have read so far) Also just wondering, on your OSX 'rig' what installer did you use i.e. - Kalyway, Leo, etc... If there is anything you can point towards for the sound and maybe the restart/shutdown issue (which is going to be a no-go) that would add to the tremendous help youve already given here... Again thanks, you are def an asset to this community!
  11. drpeppir


    I have installed OSx86 on various platforms the onlyy issue I have is with XPS M1530 and it is with nVidia and restart/shutdown, also having problems with sound only working after waking from sleep, otherwise it will not work from a restart or shutdown which must be done by holding down power button after selecting either in the menu and blank screen. Other than that things have been successful on my Rampage Formula motherboard ans Abit IP35 Pro, the developers of these installers deserve a lot of credit!
  12. Well Mac may lose hardware sales and gain software sales but micro$hit would lose software sales period, sounds good to me until ms can get their act together.