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  1. Laggy Mouse

    Common problem with NVidia G92 chipsets. You can either reflash your card with the Mac GT8800's image, or delete / disable a kext: /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext There are a few other threads about this. Search is your friend.
  2. I'm finishing up a dual 771 octo core build, and snapped a few in-case pics. This is my favorite. I'll do a comprehensive write-up in a week or so after I've finished it. But even now, with only 2GB 533 RAM and a $30 video card the thing really screams.
  3. My system clock has been running slow, and I finally isolated the problem (sort of) - swapping out the CPU fixes the problem. The mobo is a Gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2C (unfortunately I don't have another mobo to test the CPU) With an E6700 the clock works fine. (65nm / 1066 FSB) Swap in an engineering sample E8300 (45nm / 1333 FSB) causes the clock to run slow (loses a few seconds per minute), and I can't play 1080p video without the sound being stuttering after 5 or so seconds. I've tried Kalyway and Leo4All, and the system slows down under each. About a billion permutations of BIOS settings haven't solved it either. The CPU / FSB / DDR speeds all show up correctly under system profiler. What's aggravating is that everything worked fine with the E8300 for about two days, and then it crapped out when friends came over to watch a movie. Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I decided that I want two partitions, so I went back and used MeanSizzler's instructions. Restart worked, but boot time was longer. I also lost PS2 keyboard functionality, and XBench dropped from 179 to 175. So now I'm doing KalyWay 10.5.2 with the following options: kernel_vanilla_92 nvinject-256 GMA950 Intel NVIDIA VIA ATI HD Audio Controller NVIDIA AC97 Audio Realtek Sigmatel etc ......... Audio Codec lastnetkassmbios PCGenUSBFix TimeMachineFix IntelMemoryController Ok - it's installed. Boot. System update asks if I want a RAW update, so the LAN is working. PS2 Keyboard / mouse: works video: all res work / rotate works, core image, quartz extreme audio line out: works spdif out: not recognized - only shows HD audio output LAN: works sleep: works, wake on double mouse click works, wake from power button works restart: DOES NOT WORK (hangs on black screen for over 5 minutes) shut down: works Applied audio patch from above, restart: line out: works spdif out: works XBench: 178. Any ideas how I can get restart to work? Update: I could not get it to boot when hooked up to a projector. I did two things at once - installed the above Graphics update, and plugged in the HDMI cable into the adapter attached to the video card a few seconds after the BEEP during the boot process. I don't know which one fixed it, but after two hours of frustration I'm not about to turn anything off. I still can't get it to restart.
  5. I'm 99% there, only restart does not work (sleep and shut down do), and it won't give me 1920*1200 when running headless. Finally got a processor yesterday (E6700) and assembled the system: Prices include shipping and tax and are somewhat rounded. gigabyte GA-945GCM-S2C $55 at NewEgg E6700 free (I have an E8300 engineering sample on the way - $90 on eBay) 2GB corsair DDR800 RAM $38 after rebate at NewEgg ASUS SATA DVD drive $40 from NewEgg Thermaltake 430W PSU $27 from eBay OrigenAE X11 HTPC case $100 PNY 7300GT $38 from Compuvest (note that they advertised new, but sent me a used, but working card) Intel Extreme stock cooler $17 320GB HD free from a dead tivo Assuming $50 for a HD, and $90 for the processor, total hardware cost was $438, and that's with a great aluminum case. My initial goal was under $400, but I just couldn't go with a fugly case. Xbenched at 178 @2.66 GHz, and 209 at 3.33 GHz. For whatever reason, it overclocked by default and I had to turn it down. Using MPlayer, played 1080p mkv files flawlessly. I suspect that it's possible to cobble together a 1080p system for just under $300. What I did: step 1: update to the F5 firmware. Quick and painless to get from Gigabyte, unzip, place on thumbdrive, install. step 2: changed BOIS settings to close to MeanSizzler's - I used the smartfan, and I forget what else. step 3: decided to experiment and just go for it with KalyWay 10.5.2 (worst case I reformat and follow MeanSizzler) used the vanilla kernal, nvinject256, and I forget what else (I should have taken notes). I picked the options that looked the closest to MeanSizzler's 10.5.1 instructions. step 4: applied the network and sound patches as per MeanSizzler. step 5: harvested the optical out from a dead Tivo and soldered jumpers to plug it into the mobo (works fine). Note that my previous post was in error - the LED requires an additional power lead to be connected, not just the two coax leads. It appears that everything except restart works (I'm about to try MeanSizzler's other patch fixes). I've not yet run Software update, and I'm not sure if my circa 1990 Apple Extended Keyboard II will work via a USB - ADB adapter, as the adapter is A.W.O.L. Not an important point, as I don't plan on using a keyboard - screen sharing works perfectly. A few thoughts - 1080p mkvs look / sound PERFECT I'm a bit surprised that this worked so well on my very first attempt screen sharing rules this worked so well that I'm lurking on eBay to get cheap parts for my next Hackintosh - a silent, water cooled, dual 771 X5355 beast for (I hope) under $1,750. Finally, to MeanSizzler, Kaly, and countless others who have contributed here, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!! I owe you many beers.
  6. I just bought an engineering sample e8300. It has a 1333 FSB. My mobo specs say 1066 / 800. Will it work? Will it be underclocked? The mobo is a Gigabyte GA-945gcm-s2c. Same question about RAM - I bought DDR800 ram, and the mobo takes 667. Is underclocking teh RAM a problem. After decades of Mac use, I'm a complete noob to all of this PC goo. Any insights will be greatly appreciated. Edit: a quick googling shows that I may have just hosed myself - my mobo does not appear to officially support a 45nm processor, but a beta bios might: http://www.gigabyte-usa.com/Support/Mother...?ProductID=2602
  7. I have a cheap 7300gt for the HTPC and am leaning towards an 8800GT for the Final Cut box. It did better in the MacPro Final Cut bake-off than the stock ATi card. I've been reading about some of the cheap dual quad Hackintoshs and my credit card is getting worried.
  8. I've seen a few bakeoffs with MacPros using the different card configurations, and there was a significant difference in times to complete tasks. I'm just curios if the difference will be more or less significant when moving from a MacPro to a HackPro.
  9. This weekend I'll be building my first Hackintosh (HTPC), and if it works ok I'll start putting together a Final Cut Pro Hackintosh to edit High Def HDV 1080i footage I've shot. I'm pretty much set on everything but the video card: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 Core 2 Quad Q6600 4GB 1066 RAM (2*2 Dual Channel?) (will 8GB help much in Final Cut Studio?) I'll stick to a video chipset that's in a current Mac, so I'm looking to get either an Nvidia 7600GT, 8600T, 8800GT or ATI HD2600XT. I know that the 8800 beats the 8600 beats the 7600 beats the 7300, but how much of that processing power does Final Cut actually use? Will Final Cut be able to take advantage of two GT's running in SLI? Anyone have any idea how a Q6600 system would stack up against a Mac Pro Quad 3 GHz (two double cores) in Final Cut performance? I would be grateful for any insights.
  10. S/PDIF capable - I did some more research and found out the following - coax and optical s/pdif are essentially the same thing - if you hook up the current from a coax connection to the solder points of an optical out, the LED will function fine. So you can either buy the $10 adapter plate, or solder pin connectors to a cable to an RCA jack finagled into the back plate. You'll only get coax, but that's all that's necessary.
  11. I'm looking at the NewEgg pics of the mobo and don't see an SPDIF. The Gigabyte site says that the board has SPDIF out support, but doesn't list a port on the back panel. What am I missing here? http://www.giga-byte.com.tw/Products/Mothe...e=GA-945GCM-S2L Further googling shows that there is a three pronged plug in the upper left of the pic: http://www.links.co.jp/html/press2/image/945gcms2l-b01.jpg Is this a connector for a coax SPDIF?
  12. Wow. I just signed up today in hopes of finding a cheap way to set up an HTPC that will run OSX. This is pretty much exactly the type of post I was looking for. Thanks.