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  1. killerdeath

    AppleNForceATA rebuilt by me

    Hey Andy, Would you think that the Nvidia Nforce Pro 2200 chipset would work using your driver? cause i have the phy connection failed every time i boot up so i was wondering if you could try and add my chipset the name of the chip is CK804 i am not sure what device id it is so yeah. Thanks man
  2. killerdeath

    Is my chipset supported?

    can someone please help me?
  3. killerdeath

    Is my chipset supported?

    i am using a the chipset Nvidia Nforce Pro 2200 CK804 it says it is supported in the boot up of the dvd for mac using the medievil driver however i get kernel panics becaus eof it so i am not sure if it is working properly.
  4. Can someone please help as i am having trouble installing osx on the Motherboard Supermicro H8DCE, the only luck i have had is installing LawlessPPC which is only 10.5.4 however i am still lucky to get that working cause most of the time it gets stuck when installing and the installation frezes so yeah im not having much luck here, please help
  5. killerdeath

    Help, installing Nvidia Quadro Driver

    Please Help Im stuck, every Injector that i ahev used doesnt do the job. Im sure that this graphic's card should work and should be supported.
  6. killerdeath

    Help, installing Nvidia Quadro Driver

    Please help, i have been trying this for many days and i am having not much luck. Help would be appreciated Thanks KillerDeath
  7. killerdeath

    Help, installing Nvidia Quadro Driver

    Hi All, I need help installing drivers for my Nvidia Quadro FX3400/4400 when ever i put the device id's in the injector it detects the card but it still doesnt work at its full performance. Please help, thanks KillerDeath
  8. killerdeath

    Help, hanging at install

    Can Some one please help.... i am stuck cause it keeps doing it with most options in the customise menu
  9. killerdeath

    Help, hanging at install

    Hey i have tried every slot in my case because it has 8 sata ports and 4 of them are master so i plug it n one of those 4 and it detects the drive and all. But some how it just hangs the mouse even locks up at that point of 3% of the installation. Thanks KillerDeath Bump......Any solutions...? For The installation of Leo4Allv3
  10. killerdeath

    Help, hanging at install

    Hey, Yeah the boot up of the installation is fine its just when i wipe my hdd in the disk utility then choose all the customizations, click install, then i wait say 5 mins when it says calculating, the disk is still reading at that time then suddenly the disk stops reading and then the installation just locks up. Thanks for the replay anyway. but yeah im like stuck on that. and im not sure if it is what i have chosen in cutomizations that can cause this but yeah im stuck, lol. Thanks, KillerDeath.
  11. killerdeath

    Help, hanging at install

    Can some one help me i am not sure why my computer hangs at the installation. I am using leo4all v3, AMD machine System Specs: Supermicro H8DCE Duel Opterons 270's 8gb memory DDR ECC thanks help would be appreciated.
  12. I need help in installing Leo4Allv3 on my system. I am running... Intel Pentium 4 3.20Gh GA-8I915P Duel Graphic Motherboard Running 4gb of RAM but typing (maxmem=2048) 40gb Sata drive Using all this, it comes up with an error trying to run the NIC card and then just sits there trying to turn it on. Thanks Help Would Be appreciated
  13. killerdeath

    Need sound working ALC850

    need help with alc 850 i cant get a driver i want sound to work
  14. killerdeath

    ALC850 need help

    can any one help me get a working driver for the ALC 850
  15. killerdeath

    Need Diver for Realtek ALC850, PLease Help

    Can anyone help me please im stuck and i need sound, how can i get this working i have been waiting for an answer for ages