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  1. I am guessing that you are using two drives for Windows and macOS. If you move the Microsoft folder from the EFI partition on the Windows drive over to the EFI partition on the macOS drive that contains Clover, you can then boot your custom Windows entry selecting the EFI partition of the macOS drive. You should be able to mount that "No Name" EFI partition on the Windows drive using Clover Configurator. You then erase the EFI folder on the Windows drive's EFI partition. You may want to backup these folders before you erase. After that you can then proceed to hide that partition to remove that "Boot Windows from EFI" icon from the Clover menu as you did before. Hope this helps.
  2. Just hit his "Beer" link at the bottom of his posts. Don't buy him too much, he will drink it all at once.
  3. Yes, any help with this would be greatly appreciated. We would like to be able to partition it with APFS if possible, but just getting any type of partition on it would be nice at this point. We are currently getting the media not enough space error. In the past I have solved this issue, but no luck on this one. If it were in my possession I would simply slap it in another rig and partition it or even Carbon Copy the SSD to it.