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  1. EDIT: Forget it, verified as hardware issue.
  2. fake xiso message was on a emulated floppy boot image, no files were ever loaded, it didn't even mount fs.
  3. That's really funny, seeing as the bootimage of the XiSO disc is hardcoded to say EXACTLY what it says. It is not booting anything - just displaying text, which is ripped from PearPC, including the famous "SPIRO MULTIMAX 3000." Take your XiSO image, and put it on the shelf with your snake oils and other quakeries. Ya its acually a emulated floppy bootimage.
  4. Rosetta Kernel uses TCPA

    I've been trying for 6 months (thats how long its existed), but theres no way (other then by force). Transitives software is also used on SGI's new x86 machines for backwards compatabilty for there old platforms. I've tried emailing/calling such to try and get me a demo (even calling from my 'anonymous OEM') But they refuse all requests. The only way to get a copy would be to rob them (718 university avenue suite 200 los gatos ca 95302 or 2nd floor maybrook house 40 blackfriers street Manchester m32eg), or hack them... and I don't think anyones going to do that. Besides the fact that Transitive uses a hosting company so attacks on their webserver would be useless as if they were sucessfull they would not help you get the software. However several months ago (through google groups) I discover the IPs used by transitive for their real work... - seems to be a router of some kind with telnet being the only available port with password only authentication. All the other hosts are 100% firewalled from the outside except their mail server they run an exim smtp daemon which was the last time I checked version 3.35. On this server they also run apache (only on 443) for the sole purpose of providing webmail through squirrelmail (apache/1.3.26 ben-ssl/1.48 squirrelmail/1.2.6). They also run a few secure mail daemons imaps and pop3s as well as rsync2.6. WOW did I get offtopic... I guess thats a short answer no... long answer you tell me, of course I'm just rambling on about some stuff I read in a whois report a couple months ago... I'm not advocating anything...
  5. Rosetta Kernel uses TCPA

    Transitive's quicktransit (the real name of 'rosetta') claims around 80% of native speed (with full opengl compatability).