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  1. Your image does work fine, nevertheless it doesn't even allow to boot the installer; It loads up (doesn't matter if it's safe mode or not or with/without caches) and once it touches the PCI sub-system it just reboots the system. Either way there's a new patch for my BIOS, so I've updated it but haven't patched the BIOS for the MSR (I'll stick with cpu null power management kext I suppose).
  2. Roger, doing the magic right now (funny to see imagewriter ). If it's raw wouldn't it be easier: dd if=<source> of=<source> bs=8M ? Anyway... DSDT, am I going to need it? I can provide a clean dump from Linux for patching if required; I don't really know how to patch it (not the process, the changes needed) so some help would be cool. What info can u provide me in advance regarding stuff I might need and that I can work right now while waiting for the download. NM
  3. Can you provide a link so I follow the right stuff ?
  4. Pimentel, I've readed the statements regarding Tonymac and I do understand your concerns. As a previous GNOME Developer and a person who was linked in the past to Fedora and OpenSUSE, I do quite simpathize with it (Licence violations and not sharing the code, the commercial {censored} I dont quite give a damn because I'm not planning to pay him). Are your Portuguese or Brazilian btw? Sure. I will make a new install and use Clover? (I honestly need a UEFI bootloader for EFI and I don't feel like writing one or forking one) would that work? This is because Asus Motherboards don't boot from GUID partition tables. So point me in the way to: 1) prepare a installer USB stick (I do own a real mac, so no issues at all); 2) steps after install; And we go from there.
  5. Hi all, I've purchased a ASUS Z97M-PLUS and successfully patched the BIOS to allow writting on MSR 0x2c bit 15 (see screenshot). I've managed to install Mavericks 10.9.3 with success, and: After install I can boot through my USB stick and boot the local drive with "-x UseKernelCache=No'" and it works. From there, I've dropped SSDT.aml and placed it on /Extra in order to get CPU recognized (i5-4670 3.4Ghz). When I do this, my USB stops working and I believe that since I'm booting from the USB stick, it fails to successfully handle USB and everything stops there with a "Still waiting for root device". Passing arguments (Chimera) like rd=disk0s2 (confirmed, SSD) still fails. So I'm kinda stuck here. Anyone can help (maybe DSDT patching, though it's UEFI)? From here no options allow me to boot back even if -x.
  6. Hi all, I'm having some issues with a HP EliteBook 8560p (Full HD, 1980x1080p) which has a AMD/ATI 6470M graphics adapter. Most of the stuff works more or less. This laptop has a Sandy Bridge CPU (i5) but the Intel GPU has been disabled by HP and isn't available (I might be able to dump the BIOS and brute force it, but I'm not really much inclined to go that way). I've spent already quite a few hours following tutorials and testing stuff out (trial/error) without much success; appart from the VGA output (which was working with acceleration) the internal LVDS refuses to work. I haven't got much success with the dual-link. I've fired up a Fedora LiveCD and dumped the ATI VBIOS and grabbed the default DSDT (in attachment); Would anyone be kind enough to help me (actually do it for me) patching a Mavericks AMD6000 kext based on files attached? If I understood correctly from several documents/topics/howto's, for the LVDS to work properly the binary needs to be patched with the correct information from the ATI VBIOS. Help? Please? The attached archive has both the vanilla DSDT and the ATI VBIOS dump; I would assume any OS has the necessary tools to open the archive (zlib/tar). Thanks in advance guys. Also If there's a breakthrough here, I would like to continue exploring and improving deployments of OSX86 on this specific model in the future (this is the first time I'm looking into this hackintosh stuff for real). This information might also be useful: AMD 6470M: 0x67601002 Personality used: Ipomoea HP_ELITEBOOK8560P.tar.gz
  7. shell scripting question

    Well I dont use much shell script, rather work with perl. To automate, what you can do is make the shell script run on your crontab like every 10 mins, it scans the directory and takes action if needed (can be triggered by extension). If you do this by crontab it will run on the background, if you do it by hand, add && in the end. I would though recommend to direct the output to a file (used as log in case something goes wrong).
  8. Favorite Window Manager

    Oh man, you forgot something... Metacity > GNOME Window Manager KWM > KDE Window Manager. GNOME isn't a windowmanager, it's a DESKTOP Environment, and obviously you are not a Linux user for a long time, neither you know much about what you speak, because you forgot some of the most window managers used: - Enlightenment (http://www.enlightenment.org) - Window Maker (http://www.windowmaker.org) - BlackBox - AfterSTEP - Sawfish (previously used on GNOME, before Metacity) - FluxBOX (the most used lightweight WM) - BlackBOX (predecessor of FluxBOX, still very popular).
  9. Why Linux is not (yet) Ready for the Desktop

    Linux is for people who want to control the machine, not being controlled by the machine. If there are productivity suits for Linux? Yes, there are... How many books written in TeX/LateX? Thousands... How many books written in Microsoft Word? Er... People are not that stupid right ? The software is present, the hardware is present, the drivers are present for 90% of the cases... what isn't present is Linux at schools from the very early start. It might be a dificult OS for starters, but it's common logic into play... It's not a mouse operated OS, it's a keyboard operated OS, but does exactly what you demand from it. For desktops... sure it works... if software houses do publish or not their products for Linux, thats another story, so you might not play EA Sports titles on Linux, but you can for sure play ID titles and most EPIC titles... You can not have Microsoft Office, but you can have OpenOffice which actually if we ignore the eye candy, it's a bit more powerfull than Office. If people had to pay for all the software they use at Mac or Windows, Linux would grow easilly. Some years ago a study conducted in Finland took 10 year old kids taking Linux to use and Windows, at the end of the study the higher majority choosed to continue with Linux Linux is a great working tool at any instance, it's not a toy OS for dummies.
  10. Why Ubuntu

    "Ubuntu isn't Linux"! Not that I care much, but why do you compare apt-get with RPM? They are very different things. You could maybe compare RPM with DEB. In this case that would make sense... And you could compare apt-get with yum, which would still make sense You might be a FreeBSD use, but your knowledge on Linux is very poor, and you actually shouldn't speak of things you don't know, because comparing RPM (RedHat Package Manager) to apt-get is just something people wouldn't do. And for BSD flavours, NetBSD is the best!
  11. Mobility Radeon HD 4300

    The card most likely works, the problem as reported by many people is that the driver doesn't support LVDS output, which most laptops use currently. If someone writes a framebuffer supporting it, it should work In case people don't know, the 4xxx series is well documented by VIA and there's the source code for their drivers available for quite some time. So it should be doable.
  12. VAIO internal display problem

    It's easier to make OS X work X.org + quartz-wm and port the linux driver for X.org
  13. A decade of Linux and you can't even work at low level. IMBA. Maybe trying to copy also the "whatever program" you use from your home folder to the new instalation ? Which obviously has the information regarding the current torrent stuff you have. This considering you use the same application in either Linux and OS X. For someone who claims to use Linux for decade your networking knowledge is actually very poor. Where's the low level knowledge ? 10 years ago, people used Linux mainly at low level
  14. /etc/sudoers permission denied

    Mount it on another system (Linux, Windows, *BSD, OS X, etc) and fix the permissions. I'm not sure if OS X has "visudo", but you should use "visudo" to edit the sudoers and not a simple editor like vi, emacs, nano or whatever. That way you will never mess up with it.
  15. Direct X for MacOSX

    Yeah Yeah, we all want games working for Mac as it's the ultimate platform for cheating. Unfortunatly DirectX is a proprietary package from Microsoft, and you are not gonna see it Mac, thats for sure! As for the rest it's nice when you have a POSIX compliant system running a strong ruleset of security devices that don't allow most anti-cheats to work, to mention one of the most famous: WARDEN from Blizzard (12 Million players worldwide). You should probably make a petition to Valve to make a OS X compatible package of CS and Steam, as you would have more chances of success than having Microsoft porting DirectX. And if you take a look at Microsoft, you will notice most of their software is old and not updated requiring rosetta for emulation of the PPC arch, which clearly points Microsoft position towards mac. You probably should be running a linux bastardization for that purpose (playing), like Ubuntu or something like that.