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  1. A History of OSx86 – Part I

    This is a great story to remember...thanks!!
  2. Hi DD Great UPDATE!!! Your efforts are the best. Though I haven't had time to look up your guide for a while, this is the best individual effort in this site, I guess! Oh, I'm still using my EVGA X58.... but I get a great insight about the hackintosh thru you. Thank you and have a wonderful holliday! JP
  3. Vanilla Speedstep on EVGA X58 SLI

    Thanks for the great info!! Just one question from a noobo! If you update or refresh a new bios, do we have to reset or reconfigure DSDT patch? I'm on the snow, everything works beautifully except the wakeup from the deep sleep. Does your info get it right? Thanks
  4. Hi I forgot to report you back about my snow installation. Finally, the snow installation went to perfecly...! I mixed your guide and JaE-V's ( http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=182648 ) and digital dreamer's new snow edition. Thanks to you guys!! If I may put it down, my installation went onto like this. Basically, I prepared with DD's installer package and JaE-V's kexts & DSDT patch folder. Guess you can download two folders. Preapre the snow dmg and mount it. The installation was Lepard System HDD to Snow Leopard HDD (with a single partition). 1. Activate Run-Patch_Installer of the DD's X58 mobo patch installer. 2. Choose the snow target HDD and Extra folder install mode. 3. From Run-Patch_Installer, first, run the partition active for the target hdd. 4. I used Chameleon 2.0 RC3. If you don't know how to get it, just use the chameleon from JaE-V's folder. Install it to the target snow HDD. 5. In the JaE-V's folder, activate the chameleon V2 snow leopard support to the target snow HDD. 6. Back to DD's Run-Patch_Installer, hit no. 4, automatically the snow retail starts installing. Follow the process. I didn't choose "the printer driver option" to avoid the install fail. You can install later downloaded from Apple Support. 7. After the snow installation done, do not reboot. Check the folder from JaE-V's. 8. In that folder, copy all the kexts from Extensions folder. 9. Open Snow HDD and look for the Extra folder there. Open it and open Extenstions folder, erase everything there and paste what you just copied from. 10. Back to JaE-V's folder and copy DSDT.aml file. 11. Paste it in two areas of the snow HDD. one is for root of snow and one goes to inside of EXTRA folder. 12. Now, depending on your graphic card, you will have to find a way to install the driver. 13. I had 3870/4850, but both didn't work very much except safe mode. 14. So, I changed to 9800GT. 15. All I did was to give EFI string into com.apple.boot.plist from JaE-V's folder. 16. Just created <key>device_properties<key> <strings>xxxx<strings> xxxx was my EFI string!! 19. I guess anybody has Nvidia cards will be pretty much ok with snow installation. 20. Later, I also modified smbios.plist from JaE-V's folder and put it back to my snow hdd's Extra folder. Now, it's time for reboot with the installed target snow hdd. 21. During initial booting, I gave "-v, -x, -x32" for 32 bit mode and safety mode. 22. Once your booting is OK, then you need to activate "kextutility" program from JaE-V's folder. 23. That's it. Enjoy snow!! I have almost no problem at all except "wake up" from deep sleep. I haven't find out how to fix this but I just marked my hdd "never stop" in System Preferences. Good Luck and Thanks to Ihaveredcouch, JaE-V, Digital Dreamer and also Junno, niky from x86osx.com.
  5. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    Thanks JaE-V After I replaced my ATI 3870 with Nvidia 9800 GT, it works perfect with your install. Only difference I made was to use Chamelon 640 pkg. I couldn't find the chameleon RC3 with package program. Anyway, thanks for your kind guide!! Have a nice week! JP
  6. Hi DD I do have a question! After following your guide with kexts for EVGA, I can boot up with the safe mode, "-x arch=i386." But without "-x" it won't boot. I tried with the kext utility for rebuilding cache, but no use. The screen stops at the same spot, it reads like this "AppleTyMCEDriver : :start coreVIDPID = 0xffffffff Number of packages = 1 Number of cpus = 8 memory monitor trough MCA" Do you have any suggetion? Thanks JP
  7. Hi DD I just wanted to show you info from one of my friend from x86osx.com. If you knew already, just disregard it. But today, my friend updated with 10.6.1 combo kit, and found an interesting thing inside of s/l/e. In the extension folder, those ATI related kexts' version has changed to 1.6.2 from 1.6.0. I was wondering if this might affect your installation of ATI 3870 in Snow Leopard. The attached is a picture of comparison chart between the extension folders 10.6.0 and 10.6.1. Please, check with the red circle. Though it's Korean version of Snow, you can find what I mean easily. Just let you know, maybe you want to check around! Thanks....
  8. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    Hi Somehow, I made it thru. Thanks a lot. Your DSDT.aml file was incredible. I'm happy as hell. But because of my VGA card 3870 using ATY_Init.kext, I can seem to get into 32 bit mode. Only safe mode, -v -f -x is working. I think I will ask this thing to DD since he has the same VGA as mine. Thanks for your efforts. JP
  9. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    HI... I've doing this all day...but i'm not lucky yet! I followed your guide again with ATY_Init.kext in S/L/E, but no luck..stuck in the same screen... I will try some more and let you know...thanks
  10. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    HI thanks for kind info...I'm gonna try that! By the way, I noticed that your Extra folder after installing chamelon was not included com.apple.boot.plist. Since I'm using ATI 3870, I'm going to get ATY_Init.kext from DD's patch, but I don't think this kext supports for 64 of SL. So, I want to start SL booting with only 32 bit thru fixing com.apple.boot.plist. Can you help me on this? How it can be done? Thanks again. JP
  11. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    Hi I have a empty HDD, which I'm using for the sl install. So, I followed your guide from a seperate leopard hdd to another HDD for SL. Sorry the pix was too big...I resized it!
  12. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    Yes, after installing Cham r431.pkg, cham V2 installed into the same target drive... Since you uploaded the boot file, I will try to copy that into the snow root. and try again...thanks
  13. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    Hi JaE-V... thanks for you kind guide. I tried...somewhat failed. I think my buidl is just like yours except VGA, mine ATI 3870. Anyway, I though I could get the driver fixed for VGA later, and just go ahead following your guide exactly. But after booting with -x -v, I got stuck. Please, check the image and if you can, help me. Thanks again!
  14. Oh my god!!! You are my hero, man!! Speechless... Your work is just beyond description. Thanks... I wonder how you come with VGA under SL. Thanks again!
  15. Hi Thanks for quick reply... I guess I'm going to face some trouble with my 3870... Let' see! Thanks Hi again Just quick question... Did you just use your 10.5.8 DSDT.aml file for Snow Leopard without editing at all? And, since I followed ihaveredcouch's guide, on my com.apple.boot.plit, I see the boot flag, "busratio=20" still there, can I just copy this into the extra folder of Snow Leopard? Sorry to bother you. If you have any idea, let me know. Thanks