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    natit and ati x1300 mobility in hp nc6400

    It can't be work in laptop, it only work with external display
  2. I did but nothing happened thanks for help but I think the ATI X1300 mobility can't work in Mac OSX 86, may be I have to buy a new VGA card which supported by Mac PS: Oh my God! you're using the same Dell laptop model to me, but my VGA is difference
  3. I'm crying, is that true? No one can help me and my Dell Insprion E1505, ATI X1300 mobility, any kext can work in resolution 1280x800? please help me or tell me it's impossible to use my VGA card in MacOS. Many thanks,
  4. QuangDucTa

    ATI mobility X1300/X1400 -only

    I tried many time but nothing change, all the driver did not work for ATI X1300 mobility. The Nati1300 kext is driver for desktop VGA card, so when you install it to you laptop, it will be only work with external display. Does anybody can help me get X1300 mobility kext? many thanks
  5. do you have any idea for my Graphic card ATI X1300 128 MB, I tried many time but the resolution still is 1028x768 Please, help me to change it to 1280x800 thanks, PS: I tried X1400 No tested by me, it include a specific com.apple.boot.plist with screen resolution at 1440/900 and 1280/800. You can edit it in terminal: sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist but it didn't work