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  1. Z68XP-UD3 F6

    Anyone using the ga-z68xp-ud3 board with a PCI-E video card and has working hdmi audio? I know I can't be the only one out there doing this. I have a feeling I can get the dsdt edited to work properly but just wondering if someone else has it working yet. So far I have 10.7.0 running great. Networking and sound but no hdmi audio yet.
  2. Just throwing my hat in here for anyone using CRAZY old hardware like I am....and STILL cranking it out. I'm using a Gigabyte GA-P31-ES3g with ALC888 (I think just plain 888 not 888x) and I'm running a vanilla install of Lion updated to 10.7.1. I'm going to attach my working DSDT file which has been working great for me so far. With this DSDT and the AppleHDA.kext installed using Kext Utility my sound works perfectly. Hope it helps someone out. Credit to Bansaku over on tonymac's blog because that's where I found it http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=...lit=alc888+lion forum topic http://www.tonymacx86.com/download/file.php?id=12769 direct link for AppleHDA.kext dsdt.aml.zip AppleHDA.ALC888._2810.7.1_29.kext.zip
  3. GIGABYTE GA-P31-ES3G woes....

    Hello again....anyone still using this old board? I was finally able to get the vanilla install and had it up to 10.6.7 running great. I accidentally installed 10.6.8 and it messed up the sound so I'm working on that. But I can't believe this board was able to go as far as it has. I think with Lion I'll probably be updating to a new board but I'm definitely going to try to get it running on this just to see if it can!
  4. Sorry to jump in here but I just found this card in an old box that I have so I thought I'd look into it. I read the first post I promise I have sound working on my SL install through kext hacks and very gracious users but every time I upgrade to 10.6.x (x being latest version) I have to go back through and install the kexts because they're overwritten. Not a big deal but I'd prefer to be able to just update. This LONG post short.....if I install the kx drivers and this card do you have to reinstall every time you upgrade the system or does it use entirely different kext's? Thanks in advance!
  5. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    OK then I did well Thank you so much for looking at it for me! Great help to the community. I was having a problem with USB devices randomly unmounting (for instance copying files to a flash drive) but I've never had a problem copying all of the data to and from my iPhone when I restore. Maybe you could add the data from my DSDT to the program during the next update to help move it along. Thanks again so much I really appreciate your help.
  6. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    MaLd0n, Wondering if you could take a look at my send_me.zip I'd really appreciate it!!!! BTW you are awesome! Edit* Just including my current system specs for archival purposes in case signature changes Gigabyte GA-P31-ES3G; Intel E2180; Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 send_me.zip
  7. This worked for me surprisingly enough because I've had a problem with sleep to the point I just didn't bother. I tried nawcom's kext with the edition plist to pmVersion and it did not work for me (sorry nawcom I didn't write down what the KP was) but just letting people know that this one worked on my hack. Thanks shao1555
  8. Yeah I figured I did it correctly....I thought I read others were using SleepEnabler AND had it working. I'm sure it will be working soon. Not trying to hijack but I've seen a couple different benchmarks in the thread and I'm wondering what is generally known to be the best. I installed the update on a test partition so I still have .6.4 and I'd like to compare the benchmarks to post here but want to use the best one (and maybe we can get people to try to use just one for this particular comparison of the update). TIA
  9. Updated from combo update killed sound but that's an easy fix. I used the universal 10.6.x SleepEnabler but even with pmVersion=21 I got a KP. pmVersion=0 at boot let me get in though. Not sure why some others had success but I didn't. Everything else was fine
  10. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Just want to keep the page updated if nobody else has tried....verified working! Corrected my issues with 1password sync, Plex Media Server to my iphone (and to my jailbroken Apple TV 2g) and I think it's all because lnx2mac has amazing drivers that fixed bonjour! Whatever the reason I love it and thanks!!! This is working on the onboard LAN (8111C) on a Gigabyte GA-P31-ES3G running 32 bit Snow Leopard.
  11. I have networking working in vanilla 10.6.4 on my GA-P31-ES3G board with Realtek 8111c (8169) and it is working ok but I have read that I may be able to get more stability by using a different .kext (via Lnx2Mac's RTL81xx OS X Driver located at http://lnx2mac.blogspot.com/p/realtekrtl81xx-osx-driver.html ). I'm trying to make sure that I'm disabling any native support for it before placing the kext in my Extra folder. I do not see any Realtek driver in my System/Library/Extension folder so I'm just wondering if someone could tell me what I need to remove/disable on my vanilla install to try this kext. Thank you in advance.
  12. Wondering if someone can help me work through this problem I'm having. Using a Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 I am on a vanilla install updated to 10.6.4 and SL Graphics Update 1.0. I have a working system running iAtkos S3 v.2 and I used the included boot file and enabled graphics in boot.plist and it works beautifully...so I know this works I'm just having a problem now. After getting the working iAtkos I decided to try the vanilla install and everything seems fine with the updates. Both worked with no errors but upon restart I'm getting the KP at com.Apple.ATIRadeonX3000 (pic attached). When I was trying to get my card to work previously I was trying a lot of different fixes and I ran across this problem but I cannot remember how I solved it. I believe once I switched to this beta boot file that was all that was necessary. I have not touched any kext's in S/L/E and the only files in my Extra\Extensions folder are Disabler.kext, ElliottForceLegacyRTC.kext, EvOreboot.kext, fakesmc.kext. The install of the operating system (disc was @ 10.6.3) went fine. The update to 10.6.4 went fine (but still no true graphics support...but it booted and I had a display to work with). The problem arises after I install the SL Graphics 1.0. Then on the next reboot it KPs. I'm sorry if I gave too much (or not enough info) but if anyone can think of anything to try I'll be checking the thread often so I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks to Kabyl for the excellent boot file! *EDIT*: Sigh....fixed my own problem. I hate the dopey mistakes but at least it was an easy fix and maybe I can help someone out. I kept looking at my boot.plist and it said: <key>Boot Graphics</key> <string>Yes</string> Well I kept thinking that looked funny so I just decided to change "Boot Graphics" to "GraphicsEnabler" and it's working perfectly again. Hopefully this mistake can help someone else!
  13. iATKOS S3 is released!

    Just looking for a little help on this. I was wondering if anyone (or even uphuck himself) could tell me which kext's were added/modified to do the Realtek 8168 wired networking option on the install DVD. I think that was the only real customization I used and I'm trying to see if I can get a vanilla install going. So basically if I want to REMOVE the realtek 8168 (I have an 8111c chipset) that I installed during the dvd installation what would I do? Thanks in advance and thanks for the great distro! Background info: iAtkos s3 version 2 installed on my system...updated to 10.6.4 with the snow leopard graphics update 1.0 as well. Everything is working that I can think of...sound, LAN, graphics, everything.
  14. Steps I took on Gigabyte GA-P31-ES3G running 10.6.4 ALC888 to get sound working. Only verified that speaker (green) output is working, nothing else verified. Also the base for this system (as of today while I'm working on DSDT) is iAtkos s3 version 2. Replace in System/Library/Extensions AppleHDA.kext with the hacked version from AppleHDA_1.8.7.f1_ALC888_LayoutID_888 (using kext utility) Move HDAEnabler.kext (also from 1.7.7.f1) and LegacyHDA.kext to the Extra folder (using kext utility) *the version of LegacyHDA.kext was in the folder "3outs2ins regular headphone" under the "series of LegacyHDA 888 (ALC888) folder These are the steps that I took and I hope it may help someone out. I just took the plunge! Basically I started by replacing AppleHDA with the bin edited copy that I downloaded. Then I restarted the computer and there was no KP so I figured I was okay there. Next I tried adding the LegacyHDA and HDAEnabler into the Extra folder. I happened to get lucky and just basically guess that I needed the particular LegacyHDA that I used but I'm not complaining! Thanks to all the original guys you guys are amazing.
  15. GIGABYTE GA-P31-ES3G woes....

    I know it's not an especially popular method and I will try to perfect it with a vanilla install but just to let everyone know I am on a GA-P31-ES3G right now running Snow Leopard 10.6.4 with iatkos s3 updated. I am also running a Radeon HD 5770 with 10.6.4 and Graphics Update 1.0. Having this old board, plus a graphics card that was a little tricky to get working...I have faith that you can probably get almost any system if you really take the time to just work at it. I probably did 10 different installs until I finally got one working. Just giving hope to anyone out there running this old board (or any others).