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  1. Hey everyone, Im in a lil tight spot rite now. Im running iDeneb with the specs shown below in my sig. Everything works fine on it as long as the programs involved are Mac based. But the moment I try to do something PC related, I start getting the "Please Restart your Computer" gray screen. I have both Crossover Mac and VMware. I have been trying to install the PC programs I have on the Mac using Crossover Mac but halfway through installations, I get the error. So I tried VMware thinking Ill just run Vista on Mac, but everytime VMware boots up Vista, the error pops up n the whole system freezes. I hope someone knows a solution to this problem. Please do not ignore this post. I'd appreciate any help given. Thanks, Aqua
  2. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    no help yet? pls someone respond to my plea
  3. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    anybody, pls help me i need to get my OS X running with the internet
  4. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    I decided to do wat u have instructed to do in post #1 with the kext u attached in post #34. I still get the same issue as my post above. Here are the logs of wat appeared on the terminal. Im sorry but I dont know the right terms for them, so Im just gonna call the logs Tail and Bash, im sure u know the difference here is the Bash, where i type all the codes and here is the Tail, where the log is I apologize if they are very lengthy. I just include everything dat appeared in the terminal. Please help me Planetbeing, help me figure out why i have the problem above. Thank you very much.
  5. UPDATE: i got it working guys here's a snapshot of it
  6. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Hello guys, I have a problem with my nforce lan. I installed OS X using iDeneb 10.5.4 n it comes with forcedeth kext. I selected it, installed everything properly, n everything works fine, but for the ethernet. I have some screenshots here. Can anybody tell me wat i need to do or wat might be wrong with my system? I tried getting forcedeth -v variant but i cant find it anywhere online. I have it on leo4all disc, but i dont know how to extract it of the disc. Please help.
  7. Hello Everyone, Im glad dat i came across dis thread I also have a 9800GX2 and a 680i mobo. I have tried everything from iatkos v4 to iDeneb n i cant get my GPU to work properly. Although ideneb works n i can get into OS X, I kept getting Restart errors rite before the intro screen. I had to do the following, suggested by someone over at uphuck: /sbin/mount -uw / rm -r /system/library/extensions/NVDAResman.kext I dont know wat dat does, but is dat removing the kext? Anywho, dat got me into OSX but with no GPU strength at all, n my res is only 1024x768. So I read wat Azamic said dat leo4allv3 is best for GX2 n plus the network works too. So im downloading it rite now, but i need some help as to wat i should choose during customization. Please see in my sig for my system's specs. Also Azamic, im trying to understand your post #1 as to how to get the GX2 working but i dont quite understand. Im sorry but I dont know much about OS X n the codes n instructions on how to do things, so if u dont mind, pls walk me through it. Thanks guys n much appreciated.
  8. Installing OSX on evga 680i

    hi guys, i understand dat the nforce is a hard chipset to work on but its not impossible to install OS X on it. I mean if it is impossible, why would mysticus go the extra mile to explain step by step wat to do? Gujal, thnx for the link. dat was the guide i had used 6 months ago to no success. Back then, i manage to successfully installed OS X once on the 680i but was unable to boot into it. This time, I manage to boot into OS X but for some reason it stops at the gray apple loading screen. I tried going through -v but i forgot wat was the last thing it said. No matter wat i do, its not working. any suggestions?
  9. Hello everyone, I am in need of major help from all of u. I have been trying to install osx on my pc for over 6 months now but had no success watsoever in doing so I dont know wats causing all the problems i encounter but no matter wat osx i tried, iatkos of any version, as well as kalyway wont install at all. I will have random error to restart pc, freeze up upon startup or even half way through installation. It's really getting frustrating but im beginning to feel dat im the only one with no success installing osx Now wat could it be? could it really be the motherboard, or is it the processor dat i have, or is it the options i chose under customize? i cant be dat unlucky with osx n not be able to succeed watsoever. u can find my specs in my sig. please guide me or advice me as to wat i should do to have a better chance of experiencing osx on my pc.
  10. hi mysticus, ill be trying those options. i just reinstalled my vista so im reinstalling all programs n will take some time before getting things all up. i've been wondering how to check the md5 of my R3. ive read ppl mention about it by i cant figure it out thanks again
  11. hi mysticus, sorry but dis is a quick reply since i gotta run to work. i burned the R3 already, n everything went well until half way through the actual installation progress (progress bar). then it crashes n asks me to restart again. no matter how many times i try, it always happens the same spot or somewhere close to middle. could it be something dat i need to disable in bios or something? i do keep moving my mouse. thanks again mysticus. hopefully its not something i missed from your guide.
  12. hi mysticus, im really sorry. i didnt realize u sent me a pm as well. the "my assistant" didnt inform me of your PM's until today morning. I got your PM along with the R3 info. I will follow your instructions to the letter. i sincerely thank you fo all your help. pls dont get upset i will try my darn hardest to get this done without bothering u too much anymore. i know u have a lot of others to help, n i greatly appreciate u taking ur time to help me. Thanks again.
  13. hi mysticus, i dont know if u remembered but u replied to my thread regarding the issues with either iatkos n kalyway. CodingMonkey had the same problems as i do n he posted here on your thread. I dont know if your reply to him solved the problem but i dont see him posting back here. Do you mind if you could help me out too pls mysticus? i really need your help as well. My specs are at the Sig. Update: I downloaded iATKOS R2 n suceeded passing into the disk utility section but again im experiencing random crashes n restart request. But when i successfully enter disk utility, no hard drive is discovered. It's just blank. Pls help. Much appreciated.
  14. iAtkos and Kalyway Installation failure

    codingmonkey, saw your post on mysticus' thread. ill stick here n wait for his reply but ill keep an eye on his thread as well for his answers there hopefully mysticus is in a good mood to help a couple of desperate ppl hehe
  15. iAtkos and Kalyway Installation failure

    Hi mysticus, i sincerely thank you for your reply im reading through your guide n im getting some of it but i still dont understand why my iatkos isnt booting up or why kalyway keeps crashing. Im guessing its due to the nforce chipset, but its very weird in the sense that why would the kalyway boot but crash n the intel iatkos wont. Im saying intel iatkos cuz i also have AMD patched iatkos for my old pc. Using this AMD iatkos, i manage to get into the apple grey screen immediately but after half hour it just stays there doing nothing, no activity either in the hdd or the dvd rom. I understand that u'd want us to read through the guide, but to be honest, im getting a headache LOL pls pls pls mysticus, could u pls simplify it for us. I still have a feeling dat my iatkos dvd is a bad copy or something cuz like i said the amd iatkos goes into the apple screen but cant continue, im guessing cuz its for amd not intel. I dont know, im really confused. do you know where i can get a newer copy of intel iatkos mysticus? i dont have torrent but i have rapidshare acc, so i do prefer RS but if i have to go torrent, pls let me know wat i should use. Again, thanks a lot mysticus for your reply n help. pls continue helping us