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  1. I just received my new intel Mac (20" imac with 1gig of ram and 256meg vid card). woot!!! Anyway, i got almost all my "windows" things working on it. My camera, my video camera, etc. The last thing I haven't been able to get working is my pine usb 2.0 external hard drive. There is very little information on this product on the net so obviously I didn't do my research prior to buying it but I haven't had any problems with it in the Windows world. When I plug my hard drive into my new mac, it mounts the hard drive, and I can browse all my files. It is mostly some .jpg and .mp3 on the hard drive. When I try to do any file operation on the hard drive (copy, paste, move) the operation starts but then immediately freezes. I brought the hard drive into work to try it on a non-intel mac and it seems to do the same thing. I can't even cut/copy/paste to different parts of the hard drive, any operation with the hard drive involved hangs. I have to turn off the hard drive to get my computer to stop trying the operation. Does anyone have any experience with external hard drives hanging? Please help. Thanks!
  2. widgets are indeed cross platform but if they are implementing functionality from a plugin, the plugin will not run under rosetta, the widget just won't work. The plugin has to be compiled as a universal binary.
  3. Late iMac

    Update: I called Apple customer service and without having to rant or anything, they automatically upgraded my shipping to expedited shipping since they were going to be late on my shipment. Woot!
  4. Late iMac

    I, like I'm sure many more of you, have been checking my order status on my recently purchased 20" intel iMac at least 3 times daily. I bought it the day they were released, approximately 2 hours after steve jobs had announced them at the keynote. I have been quite pumped since then. At first when I ordered it, the estimated ship time was 1-3 days but I guess when you customize your imac, like i did (added 1gig ram and 256 meg video card upgrade) it bumps the shipping time up to 3-5 days. When they finally gave me an estimated ship date, they gave it to me as yesterday, which equaled 6 days. I was still generally happy. I received an email today however, saying the following: Due to an unexpected delay, we now anticipate shipping the following item(s) as follows Z0CY, IMAC 20/2.0/SD CTO will now ship on or before Jan 25, 2006 We regret any inconvenience this delay may cause. Now you can imagine my disappointment. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this delay and if so, did u call them to get them to ship it the quicker method for free? I was thinking of doing that. Do you think they would? I hope all you mac lovers can sympothize. NMG

    Just a question. Why does everyone want drivers? I'm not getting that. I'm just excited to see how the duel boot goes. Did you get your mactel today too?