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  1. My H170 10.13.4 system has the exact same problem, goes to sleep just fine but when I press a key it reboots. Should I start a different topic as this is a different architecture?
  2. zeg66

    [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    Could you please explain the meaning of the following, in Clover 4411 (Options->GraphicsInjector): DeInit, FakeID, Ports, Connectors, RefCLK I cannot yet boot into Mavericks so I cannot use Clover Configurator, so, after I'm done editing FB's, I need to know what goes where and in what format. Must "DeInit" be ticked in order for all of its "sub-fields", (i.e. FakeID, FBConfig, Ports, Connectors, RefCLK) to be activated?
  3. zeg66

    Help with 10.9.5, MBR, HD6450

    I might be making some slight progress in figuring out some of those Clover Graphics options. Could you please tell me what "Connectors" and "RefCLK" mean?
  4. well it did get updated to 13F1911 and, in my case, this Marvell driver just had to be reinstalled. At least that was easy.
  5. zeg66

    Help with 10.9.5, MBR, HD6450

    There appear to be so many permutations! Which port should I connect a monitor to? Dvi, hdmi or vga? Personally I'd rather use vga. I get this message when it hangs: "still waiting for root device" and a "stop" sign in the middle. My Boot Args: -v dart=0 npci=0x3000 And then the Options->GraphicsInjector options, as shown: Inject EDID (Fake Vendor, Fake Product, Backlight:0xFFF, Intel Max Backlight:0000) Card Device ID=6779 Model: AMD Radeon HD 6450/7450/8450/R5 Inject ATI (select or not) DualLink:1 DeInit: (select or not) Fake ID:0x00000000 FBConfig:Pithecia Ports:06 Connectors:00000004 RefCLK:000000 Load Video Bios (select or not)
  6. zeg66

    Help with 10.9.5, MBR, HD6450

    I will try that and report back. Meanwhile, what other Clover options should I try to set/unset so I stand a better chance at reaching the Finder?
  7. zeg66

    Help with 10.9.5, MBR, HD6450

    Yes I am familiar with Clover Configurator but how can I use it when the machine doesn't even go into graphics? All I get is the (-v Verbose) messages, white letters on black background and then, a black screen.
  8. zeg66

    Help with 10.9.5, MBR, HD6450

    Framebuffer: When Clover starts and I choose Options->GraphicsInjector, I see this line: "FBConfig:Bulrushes_" but I don't know if that is applied or just a suggestion. PCI ID's of card: From within windows 7 I can obtain this information: Vendor 1002, Device 6779, Subsys E164, Supplier 174B, Revision 00 but I am not sure if this is the information you requested. Thank you for being willing to help.
  9. Please help me with this 10.9.5 system. Motherboard: Gigabyte 965p-s3 rev3.3, gpu: Ati Radeon HD6450 (dvi/hdmi/vga). Using any of the 3 ports on the 6450 (dvi, hdmi, vga), I see all the white letters on black background during boot but when they complete and it's time for the graphics to start I get a black screen and sometimes a restart after that. Using Clover 4411. Is there any way to get past this?
  10. Could you please help me enable the VGA port on the GT710 in 10.9.5 13F34 ? It is currently booting fine through its HDMI port, web driver 334.0103f01 and config.plist arguments checked: Verbose (-v), npci=0x2000, dart=0, nvda_drv=1 The nvidia GT710 works fine through its VGA port and web drivers on a friend's Mac Pro 3,1 I must soon return this borrowed HDMI monitor, mine only has a VGA port so I'd appreciate your input.
  11. Thank you, works fine now! Rookie question: If 13F34 gets updated to 13F1911 will this "break" anything?
  12. Thank you nice people for explaining this to me. I have a thing for Mavericks because I don't think I like the flat looks of subsequent os versions very much, but that is not the real reason ;-)
  13. Have managed to boot into Finder without a usb but cannot see the outside world. Could you please help me to enable Marvell 80E8056 ethernet access on 10.9.5 13F34 ?
  14. Thank you for your reply. Just being curious, aren't there Skylake equipped Macs that can have Mavericks installed on them?
  15. Trying to install Mavericks on an Asus H170M-E D3 motherboard, Skylake I3-6100 cpu, Intel 530 graphics. Last message I see is "root device uud is" and a series of "+++" but then it just stops. Have prepared usb with createinstallmedia, added Clover 4413 and changed a few settings with Configurator. Any help is welcome.