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    learning new OS's simple shell scripting window's program Porting

    Dell Inspiron 3650
    Intel i3 6100 (3.7ghz)
    16GB RAM DDR3
    Intel HD 530
    Dell OEM MB (Don't Know exact model)
    RAM (current 16GB) (Max 16GB)

    Fujitsu Lifebook T732
    Intel i3 3110M 2.4 ghz
    Fujitsu OEM board (FJNB262)
    Intel HD 4000
    Ram (current 6gb) (max 8gb)
    OSX 10.14.6 Mojave

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  1. chrisrlink

    HD 530 on Mojave no HDMI sound but gfxs work

    will do
  2. first off check my specs for my desktop, not laptop, ok so I installed Mojave 10.14.6 hdmi works for video no sound (no selection available in the sound preferences), i doubt my Realtek HDA chipset is needed (since i want audio through HDMI) But if it is it's an ALC662 i will enclose my efi folder from my hard drive hope someone could help thanks edit: guess i must use a file hoster since the zip is >10MB https://mega.nz/#!YYBgFILB!5TDI3vmvfT8Z82M8b0ZW0nY6-HpieIHo4MMZ98-O-kE any more info i'm happy to supply
  3. hi so I recently upgrade to an Nvidia GT 730 (did an upgrade without needing a new PSU) the graphics card is detected by Mojave but no sound via the hdmi port I read Nvidia is forbidden to make web drivers past High Sierra (must be approved by apple) so how will I go about enabling sound through my HDMI (any additional info/files I'll be happy to supply)
  4. hi again trying to install macos 10.14 on my fujitsu lifebook t732 (info in profile) unlike last time I made a vanilla usb to see if that works it still doesn't and i got the above error i have enclosed the driveruefi64 (jpeg) Kext/Other (Jpeg) and the config.plist generated by IntelFBPatcher config.plist
  5. also high sierra black screen no verbose
  6. update sierra install won't boot either, I dumped my DSDT I'll post it here DSDT.aml
  7. I'm trying sierra for now once i burn it to my usb
  8. hi I have a new laptop/tablet combo a Fujitsu lifebook T732 according to linux mint (current OS) my specs are these: Processor intel core i3-3110M (2.4GHZ dual core) Intel HD 3rd Gen HD4000 I get a black screen on install no verbose no nothing I have enclosed my 2 config.plist based off of rehabman's github for the HD4000 and pictures of my kext folder and driver64uefi folder I will update my profile once i get all necessary data config3.plist config4.plist
  9. chrisrlink

    No USB works on final boot (to finder)

    ok but how do I work on the DSDT?
  10. hi so i updated from sierra to Mojav beta (or tried to) I formatted my HDD to APFS and got through two of the setup phases when it finally came to setup my USB (and i only have USB ports btw) shut off meaning my keyboard/mouse will not function, I have included snapshots of my USB's kext/other folder and both driver folders as well as my config.plist (If it looks strange im on ubuntu mate in the meantime confi~1.pli
  11. so I have a dell Inspiron 3650 it came stock with 6GB Ram (4GB+2GB) as of yesterday I replaced the 2GB with 4GB for a total of 8GB now heres the issue my UEFI/BIOS only reports 4GB (4096 MB) but Mac OSX high sire can see the total 8GB I find this strange so is my bios correct or MacOS? I have since pulled out the CMOS battery resetting the bios but it still detect the same amount of ram
  12. chrisrlink

    HD 530 IGPU problems

    edit i had LAN (NIC) shut off in bios anyways all works good now thnx
  13. chrisrlink

    HD 530 IGPU problems

  14. chrisrlink

    HD 530 IGPU problems

    as you may realize i freshly installed since my first post (still high sierra)