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  1. cklaw072

    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hi Anybody : I'm very stupid ,unknown to burn 10.5.6 DVD iso! Can somebody will had torrent can download it, Thanks for all and Merry X'mas & Happy New Years
  2. Add me too, waiting the driver
  3. cklaw072

    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hello Mysticus C: Hello Mysticus C: I am new user, Restart when I finish install the driver , Can not login & show press power button,What wrong for me, Can help me to solve this problem
  4. cklaw072

    Help ,After upgrade 10.5 server

    Help me ! anybody: When I restart my computer , finish upgarde to 10.5 server , at login display has hold and show hold the power switch and reset the computer , Please help to solve the ploblem? Thank to anybody !
  5. Hello Kaly and Anybody : Can tell me where can found the source to download ! Thank for all :censored2: