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  1. I did both the manual method and the installer method, and both times, upon restart after the apple logo, the screen goes black. i dont know if it's because im on a laptop and maybe VGA output is fine, but seens as i dont have a monitor, it doesnt matter anyways. can anyone help?
  2. OK, i've decided that im getting a 15" MBP (the high-end version w/ a 100GB 7200RPM HDD). is there anything i should know or look for? for example how can i tell if i have the "whine"? and what is a good case for it that is small but has room for the power supply? thanks
  3. i know thats waht apples site says, but is taht the real battery life compared to the 15"?
  4. I am going to be getting a Macbook Pro for school, but i dont know which one i should get. i will be using it for programing, email, internet, "media viewing", etc. But i dont k now what model MBP to get. i am typing on a 17" at the apple store now, and it seems massive and i love it, but im concerned that it'll be too big. but, after my developers discount, the price difference is only $200. that seems like a great deal. i will also be installing xp and/or vista so ya. waht are the pros adn cons of the different models? e.g. battery life, weight and size(in use, is it too heavy or big), etc. thanks for the help
  5. Vista on a Macbook Pro?

    wait, what?
  6. Vista on a Macbook Pro?

    I will be getting a Macbook Pro in a few weeks and dual booting it. Is it possible to dual boot it with Vista? If so, does it still have full driver support, or are some things disabled? Also, is there a special way to install it? I will need an Windows to run some programing apps and although that will suck, Vista should make it more bearable. Thanks.
  7. To Get a MacBook Pro or not...

    Hi. This is my first post here becuase I have a question about dual-booting a MacBook Pro. I am a high school senior and im going to Full Sail for Game Design and Development in August. The school provides me with a laptop, but with the release of Boot Camp, I am debating forgoing the schools laptop for a MacBook. I had a PowerBook last year and loved it, but had to sell it for money. That was what is making me want a dual booting computer anyways. But i digress... I am wondering if it would be a good deal to use a MacBook for OSX (word, email, aim, web, etc.) and Windows for the programming part. Does the macbook have the power to do the compiling necesarry? sorry for the incoherent post, its late and all. any help would be appreciated.