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  1. Help with white screen

  2. Help with white screen

    Hi guys I have a p8z68-v (non ultra) and a 6790 (6790 NOT 6970) i managed to install lion and update it to 10.7.2 i added my id ( 673e) to ATIHD6000.kext rebuild kext cache AND... it boots but the screen remain white! and I can move the mouse pointer i can conect with vnc and i see it has QE/CI full resolution list it loaded with Duckweed Framebuffer any ideas? thank you
  3. Lion works PERFECTLY using THIS_GUIDE Thanks Ermac
  4. I said geekbench cause its the only one I know other than cinebench if you have any other we could compare btw Thanks a lot for your help iReset
  5. Hey guys whats your score on geekbench and geekbench 64? please post specs if you dont have them on sig
  6. With this new DSDT i got +1000 pts on geekbench thanks a lot
  7. I cant download the new dsdt can someone upload it again elsewhere? thanks NVM got it working the hyperlink is broken it is: http://hhttp://www.insanelymac.com/forum/i...st&id=91570 and should be http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=91570
  8. Thanks someone said there were some speed improvements (100pt in geekbench) do you feel it any faster?
  9. someone on the 10.6.5 update topic had the same issue his solution: erase everything and install again and use comboupdate dont know if it will work
  10. must be on primary what extensions you enabled when installing from iatkos?
  11. @imehl yes this is the right guide you can use iatkos just be carefull when selecting the extensions before installing
  12. sharing doesnt work i use mac since pather and never worked i set my computers to manual ip and conect with the ip because mac never find them (sometimes windows shows up but its rare) dont think its a problem with our hack
  13. Sadly no :/ i cant force native resolution either (the max is 1280x1024x32) sony did something to this card because even on windows i had to hack the new drivers to work with this card i had to add the device id on some files on nvidia site it says that only vaio f with geforce 330m is supported at this time so i think vaio f with 425m is something diferent from others with 425m and for the internet i will have to wait for someone porting the drivers to SL right? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Btw guys this is what iFabio is helping me with Vaio F 1390X i7 720 Geforce 425m 4gb DDR3 1333mhz Atheros AR9287 Wireless Adapter Marvell Yukon 88E8057 PCI-E Gigabit so cant make geforce 425m work and cant find drivers for atheros and marvell if anyone have any ideas please help me thanks