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  1. I am experiencing a problem after upgrading to 10.5.8 and bios a11. i updated appleacpiplatform and dsdt a11 (found it in 10.6 post), but the computer doesn't go to sleep on lid close. everything else seems to work fine, including battery. any ideas?
  2. Will this method restore your apps and unix environment (all the tools I installed through fink)?
  3. Is it possible to upgrade from 10.5.7 to 10.6, do I need to format everything?
  4. I would like to express gratitude to bcc9 and to confirm that hdmi and vga works. no sound with hdmi though.
  5. You are the savior! Damn! I thought I was going crazy and was about to give up. I've done everything right, except this. I just copied to the file over to S/L/E/AppleA.../Contents/MacOS/ and did chown on that file... i guess that wasn't good enough! kext helper is what solved the problem. I think your discovery deserves to go on the front page! If it's not there yet. Because it was really frustrating if you are unaware of this. Now everything works with the battery! Thanks to bcc9 and my comrade here. When I close the lid it goes to sleep. When I open it everything works, the touchpad and everything (I am using that dellmini driver and the preference pane for it, it's been updated recently - it's pretty nice now). Thanks again!
  6. Thanks! I guess this is what I've been missing out. Now the battery status is showing at least... but there is a big X inside of it and it says "No batteries available". I am wondering why though. can it be because of my bios version is different? I have A07.
  7. I would like to ask the same thing. I have chameleon 2 rc1, and i am clueless about dsdt. I read everywhere people say just put to root directory or /Extra ... but i did and nothing happens. What am I missing?
  8. to me the thing i would like to see in my xps1340 hackintosh is the dual view on my 9400m. Other things I can survive without. Battery - ok, I will just use common judgement, and i am plugged in 99% of the time anyway. Mic - I have a usb headset... inconvenient to carry it around, but ok. Closed lid status - I can just sleep my computer manually before closing. But the dual-view problem doesn't get resolved. :-( Have to reboot in vista or ubuntu everytime i want to watch a video on a big screen.
  9. i am using 2.0rc1... i have it since 10.5.6. i had the issue with ddr2 before i upgraded to 10.5.7. unfortunately i don't remember what exactly started to cause it, i guess whatever i did in 10.5.6 and whatever the upgrade does is the same thing. maybe it was the 2.0rc1, or something else.
  10. i had this before 10.5.7 and i have it now. it also says ddr2
  11. I didn't try hdmi, because i thought it doesnt work anyway. am i not wrong? i only tried VGA on two TV's and no results. Also I do it after booting up, not during or before. It doesn't work for me in any of the ways . No positive changes after updating to 10.5.7, either.
  12. i am wondering if anybody is having the same problem with dual view through vga port. when i connect it to a tv... i get no display. the primary display shuts down and the tv display doesn't show anything. does anybody know the solution?
  13. just successfully updated to 10.5.7 audio was gone. reinstalling applehda.kext solved the problem. qe/ci was gone. reinstalling iopcifamily solves it.
  14. the only thing i chose during xxx customizationis applenforceata. no kernels, or anything of that sort. also i installed some tools like osx86tools, kext helper, and ntfs-3g driver. for video installation i followed the instruction using osx86tools. for me i have multiple os's, and that somehow screwed that part up, probably because i did something wrong. but i fixed it by reinstalling chameleon. video hack works perfectly with osx86tools, i am capable to watch HD video files. it appears as 9400M with 256 Mb. Mine was set to 1280x800 automatically after I installed plist hack. The only weird thing i noticed is that system RAM appears as 4 Gb DDR2 instead of DDR3. The only thing i can suggest is i guess very lame, but make sure you have a dual boot with vista. and have your partitions formatted as MBR. Maybe that helps? Because this is what I got and it works this way. I just got DW 1390 off ebay for 8 bucks, and i have wireless today finally. So now i have all the essentials working. I would recommend this option to everyone who has 1515. There is an extra PCIe slot with anetanna connectors when you open the laptop... DW 1390 works perfect with it through AirPort. And you don't have to remove your 1515, you can have both of them. This is for those who have problems with dell mini touch pad drivers. Maybe it will be useful for you. Mine worked perfectly the first time i tried it. I didn't have voodoops2 or anything installed prior to it. it was totally clean installation from XxX. I basicly followed the instructions here http://mydellmini.com/forum/touchpad-drive...577.html#p45996 i installed ApplePS2Controller.kext using Kext Helper. Then i did the following: sudo cp -rf PS2PreferencePane.prefPane /System/Library/PreferencePanes/ sudo chmod +x /System/Library/PreferencePanes/PS2PreferencePane.prefPane/Contents/Resources/PS2PreferenceSetter sudo cp -f com.meklort.ps2.helper.plist /Library/LaunchAgents/ The driver seems to work fine. it works after sleep and everything. The only problem is that it's way too sensitive at times, especially for touch clicking. You can try tweak it in the panel, but you can't make it perfect as it is under Vista. Maybe future updates will improve it, who knows.
  15. Studio XPS 13

    I just got an 8 dollar 1390 from ebay and it works perfectly. it got recognized instantly through AirPort. Thanks for the idea!