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  1. Hi Verdant, I've been using your guide for a long time (even helped you with guide writing when SL released), but now I've got GTX460 and trying make it working by installing Chameleon 2 RC5, but the problem is, looks like no HDD are mounting on RC5. If I install RC4 again, MacOSX boots and works well, but not with RC5. Can you please help me?
  2. System/Library/Extensions And can anybody give another the link for "working copy of all kexts used", please?
  3. Thanks, verdant, for this guide! I went through all the steps, and there are issues: - Could not make extensions.mkext by Kext Utility on USB Flash Drive as written in guide (kext utility reported an error). But it was created on HDD where I was going to install SL. - After rebooting, I've booted from USB, chameleon logo appeared, apple logo appeared and the installation wizard started. I've deselected all printer drivers, all fonts and all languages except russian. Installation began, and after about 10 mins it showed an error and asked to restart. When I pressed restart, CMOS is cleared and all my BIOS setting became default. What is the reason? Did I make mistake in creating dsdt.aml? or there are 2 seperate problems: 1. CMOS reseting (wrong dsdt.aml) 2. The problem that stoped the installation process? Can you help me? Thanks UPD: regarding dsdt.dsl editing (I think there is a mistake): It is written in the guide and then So as I understand it should be changed from 0x04 to 0x02 because originally I had 0x04..
  4. verdant, you are doing a great job, good luck with it! I was also trying to install SL, but don't have enough understanding with dsdt, smc..... So, I'm sure you will make SL run on P5N32-E Sli plus, and I hope, I will be the second
  5. Did anyone try to install Snow Leopard on Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus, or any other Pre-Series 7 NVIDIA nForce MCP? I did, installed, but kernel panic on first boot. Can anyone explain what should be changed before installation (dsmos or smth like that?...)?
  6. 1. Yes, I'm using USB keyboard and mouse. 2. Where can I find proper system.kext? 3. I have Voodoo 9.5.0 kernel. How can I check if I have matching System.kext? 4. Didn't know about forcedeth.kext, nForceEthernetController.kext, nvenet.kext, but they are not present in my system 5. Ok, renamed AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext. Will see if I have any further problems... And please answer about system.kext. Thank you very much
  7. Hi verdant, I've installed iPC OSx86 Leopard as you wrote in your blog.. Everything is working perfect, but sometime the computer hangs. It can work normally from one day to several days without hangings, it just happen randomly. The way it happens is the screensaver still shows the current time (minutes is changes) but keyboard and mouse doesn't work. Maybe you have any ideas? UPD: Also tried to unplug/plug the keyboard and/or mouse - doesn't work.. only reboot
  8. trokhim

    AD1988B - SPDIF and full 5.1?!

    Hello, I have the same issue: I'd like to connect my Logitech Z-5500 over optical cable to my onboard AD1988b but it is only stereo, urrrr. Isn't there any possible ways to have 5.1?
  9. try to turn off HPET in bios.. I had the same problem after installing nForce.kext for network, but after turning off the HPET the problem lost...
  10. trokhim

    Dual Core problem

    Did you have any success in stable activation 2 cores? Cause I hve the same problem after installing iDeneb... But as I remember Kalyway 10.5.2 let me boot with 2 cores, but I had a panic and now I think it was because of 4Gb (Should have used maxmem=3072)
  11. Hello everyone! I have an iDeneb 10.5.5 installed and here is my configuration: Asus P5N32-E Sli PLUS Core 2 Duo E6420 4 Gb (but for proper work maxmem=3072) GeForce 8600 GT Sound Bluster Audigy 2 ZS Installation went perfectly, ethernet, sound, video works perfectly, but I need to boot with cpus=1. If I use cpus=2, OS runs fine, all autostarting application runs, but I can't move mouse & I can't use keyboard Can anyone help me? I couldn't find the answer using search. Oh, and maybe anybody know how to use all 4gigs of RAM not to freeze working opening large files... Thank you!!!