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    Irq conflicts

    Hi I have a pci soundcard in my system (lynx aes16) but when trying to play something it plays for 5 seconds then freezes, after going through everything in IoJones i found that HDAU@0.1 and my pci card located at RP06@1C,5 share the same irq (11) How can i disable HDAU so it free's up the irq or better still change the irq of the pci slot in the dsdt I don't know if this info is helpful The lynx soundcard has proper manufacture drivers graphics card is a nvidia gt 710 thanks
  2. Hi I need to force _SB.PCI0.RP20.PXSX to use a certain irq Can I do this with a ResourceTemplate and IRQNoFlags () ? If so could someone post an example, Because i don't know where to start after "Scope (_SB.PCI0.RP20.PXSX)" Thanks
  3. Hi I have a lynx aes16 pci card installed in my system which works when it wants to! Sometimes it's fine and sometimes it just stops or digitally stutters, manually unloading and reloading the kext makes no difference and when i reboot i get the following message: >>>> Lynx.kExt: No interrupts processed for one second! [0]. Restarting Devices! It works perfectly in windows, and never had a problem when i was using an asus Z170, so i think it might be a gigabyte issue. Any help would be great Thanks