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    BCM94360CD Wirless Not working.

    So i purchased a BCM94360CD from ebay and when i hooked it in to my Hackintosh it seems to recognize the device but it will not provide wireless.. The country Code i think may be the problem. I am in the US. I need some help changing the Cards country code as i do not have any Airport wireless near me. I live in a very rural area..
  2. I am unable to Get it to work. Ive changed the country code of the wireless card. Im not sure if there is maybe a kext missin? Not sure. ITs detected in sys report...
  3. SomeCompyterNerd

    Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Hey I've got the same card (BCM94360CD) In my installation of 10.12.5 i cannot "Turn Wifi on" and when i remove the configuration in the network prefs and reboot it does nothing. It is detected in System Report though.. It also works in windows flawlessly...
  4. Hey so now that my wireless solution has arrived in the mail. i cannot "Turn on" the card inside of mac os. It is detected by system report. ANy suggestions.? THe model of the card is a (BCM940360CD)
  5. SomeCompyterNerd

    Clover General discussion

    Hey so I've installed macOs sierra 10.12.5 and after doing so my shutdowns no longer work on windows 10 but it enters a sort of sleep mode. Im not sure if this is a bios thing because Mac and windows are on two different drives.
  6. One final issue it seems, My shutdowns no longer work in windows 10 it just puts the computer to sleep almost
  7. Hey my USB 3 issues are back again..... I have managed to get a boot entry for windows though
  8. Ive managed to solve the USB 3 issues. I still need a new boot entry added into clover. Here is the .ioreg file. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtkCeEw8tjPZwnM0_nr8EErhVVlL
  9. Nothing has changed from the previous one. That should be valid.
  10. usb 3.0 doesn't function. Also how do I add a windows boot entry to clover. I have windows 10 on an SSD. I can boot it with my bios boot selector but cannot get it to show in clover.
  11. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtkCeEw8tjPZwnLR9k4aM5Lj2PDk I did what you said. Video acceleration works flawlessly, i can boot independently now. Everything is almost fully functional. Messages even launches! Above is a fresh "RunMe" app recording.
  12. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtkCeEw8tjPZwnHth2NTjV-REfeh This is the file outputted.
  13. Here's the full clover folder, And yes i can boot with nv_disable=1. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtkCeEw8tjPZwmuukdAnpo3PKnip This is onedrive.. its not anything shady.
  14. I didn't use your DSDT I used a config.plist that was similar to my build. Here is the Config file. I did add NvidiaWeb as a new <key>. \ Im away from home atm but i will post the config asap.
  15. okay! Got it all installed but i installed the Web drivers for my GTX 960. I get a white cross on bootup when added NvidiaWeb to my config. Here is the Verbose boot. http://imgur.com/a/drYTg