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  1. The spotlight turns to notebooks

    i got one yesterday, macbook 2.4Ghz and gave up on my hackintosh... this thing is awesome! love the design, performance and everything that comes with it
  2. Ideneb 10.5.5 and MSI Wind

    its easy, you have to set up the account in safe mode Press F8 at Darwin boot prompt and type: -v –s (hit enter); • After you see ‘root#’, type ‘/sbin/fsck –fy’ and hit ‘Enter’ Type /sbin/mount -uw / and hit ‘Enter’ again. (it’s going to take a little time to run script, wait) • Type ‘touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone’ and hit Enter; • You will need to set up password for root, type: passwd (yes, passwd) and hit enter; choose your password. Type 'exit' - enter
  3. [INSTALLING] 10.5.4 on a Lenovo S10

    thank you for sharing
  4. it will run fast in the beginning but it should slow down as smaller text appears... and eventually it should get stuck ether at 'waiting for root device' or something like that...
  5. try bootin in verbose mode '-v' at darwin prompt to see error if any... plusput your specs in your signature
  6. what a fake!!! He at least could of used light scribe or something... ye, return the DVD and get your money back
  7. Motherboards - stay with EP35 Processor - OK Memory - OK Case - Personal preference Graphics Card - should be ok DVD - Samsung is ok Hard Drive - OK
  8. hp pavilion dv4000

    dude, i had few friends with HPs ande they are hard to make work... i am not sure why (probably BIOS) but days spent trying to figure out the best solution Try iDeneb or Leo4allv3
  9. [FAKE] Mac OS X Officially on PC Legally by Apple

    ye it looks to be fake... for a minute i though that psystar got apple making Leopard pc compatable because of the monopoly law
  10. Deleted

    it should be fine...
  11. ok, here is something for you to know:) no matter if you want to install it on your hard drive, you still need to create the partition with disk utility durring installation...
  12. Installing Mac os X on Toshiba A200

    have you formated your hard drive to Mac OS?